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Fish: Incoming!

They’ve been like fish out of water since last fall. This summer’s splash down, such a relief.

The school is finally in.

With glee.  Free finning. 799 more words


Flocking to occupy small street

They know exactly what they want. Unlike some, they are a hungry crowd – and they have a leader. He’s got them moving in one direction. 334 more words


Further adventures of Cat-meat-baby

It must have been magic water that rain dance day. Whatever, Cat-meat-baby (now called CMB) seems to have found his voice. Uh, no, he’s always had that. 769 more words


Free In-flight meals! (No reservations)

No food fight here. Only time for a quick Lantana lunch. And grateful for that.

It’s taking over the yard. Dwarfing the fence and edging towards the house. 575 more words


Rain? Cat-meat-baby gotta dance.

Stunned. Absolutely delirious with delight. One small brown dove perched out in the open. Four pairs of “older” adult dove pairs, in strict survival mode, sheltered under the palm branches during the sudden light shower . 344 more words


Hunt Hogzilla or Greet the gators.

Open season, but not on politicians this time. A chance to redirect that heat-addled energy towards acceptable outlets: Hunt for Hogzilla or get Gatorwise.

Pig-out at the First Annual Hunt for Hogzilla Wild Hog Hunt and IBCA sanctioned cook-off on Sept. 961 more words


Anxious Alligators amble during drought.

Fluffy watch out! Check the pool before jumping in! Alligators just aren’t going to take it anymore. With wetlands and watering holes drying up, they are hitting the road. 411 more words