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Cows' Breath

It’s dark except for the headlights and pin points of stars. It’s a hard chute to back a semi up to at any time but after dark is definitely worse. 508 more words

Everyday Life

Choring with Exuberance

I am choring with exuberance.

Actually his name is Flin, and he is Daniel’s German Shorthair puppy. He is about the size of my shoe. He embodies exuberance. 245 more words

Everyday Life

My Black Stallion

You have probably heard of Walter Farley’s Black Stallion- the book and the horse. Because of him, multitudes of girls have dreamed of having their own black stallion. 335 more words


We, Like Rez

Pollyanna is the undisputed boss of our herd of horses. She has first rights to all food and water, and she has for years. When she throws her angry look at one of the other horses, they don’t argue. 373 more words

Everyday Life

It's Not Vacation Anymore

We came home from our New Years vacation to chores and wind. One afternoon I went out to help Ivan feed the horses. The hay was very poorly  baled, and Ivan could barely pick it up with the tractor. 289 more words

Everyday Life

Her Name Is Patience


We have a cat named Patience. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why that was her name. She certainly is not patient when she’s hungry. 289 more words


Here Is Another Cow Story

You may be wondering if my family always has problems when we work with our cattle.

Yes, we do. I know we are unconventional, but the problems are not all our fault. 558 more words