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Animals In Captivity: Blackfish

Recently, I watched the controversial documentary Blackfish, which focuses on the treatment, abuse, and containment of Orca Whales in theme parks such as Sea World. 734 more words

Why Zoos Are An Important Part Of Responsible Wildlife Tourism.

Zoos are an often contentious part of the responsible wildlife tourism debate, with those who are against all animal captivity on one side and those who believe responsible zoos play an important part in conservation on the other. 3,948 more words


Orangutan building its own hammock caught on camera

Have plans to monkey around to end the year? You’re not the only one.

An orangutan at a zoo in Thailand was caught on camera building a hammock on its own before Christmas Day. 117 more words


Our Runaway Reliance on the Caging of Living Beings [AWEN archive]

by Alina Lilova

first published on: 22 September 2012

HER NOSE CLOSE TO THE METAL MESH, THE SERVAL LISTENS INTENTLY to an unseen prey hiding in the overgrown space between her cage and the fence that keeps visitors away. 2,791 more words

Speaking Up for Animals

Last week Julian and I were in Winnipeg visiting my family.  We had a great week and before I get to the story I wanted to share with you, I have to give a shout out to two great restaurants we dined at several times while we were there. 1,099 more words

On The Road

Elephant escapes from circus in Germany, kills man out for a stroll

WATCH ABOVE: Aftermath footage of elephant escaping from circus in Germany, kills man.

BERLIN – An elephant has escaped from a circus and killed a man in southwest Germany. 70 more words