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Our Runaway Reliance on the Caging of Living Beings [AWEN archive]

by Alina Lilova

first published on: 22 September 2012

HER NOSE CLOSE TO THE METAL MESH, THE SERVAL LISTENS INTENTLY to an unseen prey hiding in the overgrown space between her cage and the fence that keeps visitors away. 2,791 more words

Speaking Up for Animals

Last week Julian and I were in Winnipeg visiting my family.  We had a great week and before I get to the story I wanted to share with you, I have to give a shout out to two great restaurants we dined at several times while we were there. 1,099 more words

On The Road

Elephant escapes from circus in Germany, kills man out for a stroll

WATCH ABOVE: Aftermath footage of elephant escaping from circus in Germany, kills man.

BERLIN – An elephant has escaped from a circus and killed a man in southwest Germany. 70 more words


MM2-8: Reticulated Giraffe

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We took our little guy (#1 Grandson) to Oakland Zoo over the week-end. It was so much fun watching his face light up seeing the animals. 71 more words


Meet Ignorance

Dear Readers,

This post is in response to the last one that I published two days ago. It was a highly emotional and uneducated reaction to a series of articles that I read about a specific orca in captivity named Lolita. 233 more words

Muslims and Infrastructure

This was a question sent to me about an earlier lecture I had given in February.

wa ‘Alaykum us-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

He stated that the only way to retain Islam, or one of the methods to keep Orthodox Islam pure and undefiled by Saudi Wahhabi money is to separate from global groups or groups with global reach and to live locally. 2,418 more words

Abu Jafar Al-hanbali