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Animals Out Of Paper...In The Hallway

It’s been a busy few days at my condo building. We have a closed loop water cooling AC system in ourĀ 15 story building. I had always thought that we were responsible for our personal cooling units in our apartments, and in fact we are, but I hadn’t realized until last Monday that we are all inextricably linked by an umbilical cord to the roof of our building. 1,776 more words


Definition: reader

Hi, there!

Let’s not pretend this post isn’t what it is. This is for you, Fictional Ideal Reader (Fir, for short). A smattering of examples of the things I want to talk about and do. 802 more words

Blogging 101

Zach Barr Reviews...Three Northwestern University Shows

You might have noticed that my reviews have been a bit dry of late. The last review was posted just over a month ago, and I haven’t posted any hasty “sorry for not posting more” messages that plague new blogs. 945 more words


Review: City Lights' 'Animals out of Paper' a sharp, life metaphor

It is certainly important to count your blessings. And it would be lovely to even write some of those down. Even if you find yourself writing down 7,904 of them. 742 more words

Chester Theatre Company Announces 2012 Season

The Chester Theatre Company has always had a knack for finding new and unusual comedies and dramas, often verging on the existential and sometimes experimental, but always entertaining and accessible to curious theatre-goers. 559 more words


set ups

So theres a really exciting post coming soon about some of the AMAZING things coming out of the prop shop over at the Public (we’re in Shakespeare in the Park Crazy), but in the meantime… 216 more words

The Art of the Artless

The kind of projects that I really get off on make me wonder sometimes what kind of a props master I really am. Sure, I can get into gold-leafing something, or re-uphostering. 369 more words