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Sock Owl

Make a bunch of cute little hooties with this method!

1. Sock (crew length), 1 pair 

2. White felt (for the white of the eye) 37 more words


Taking Flight From the Vermilion River

I don’t consider myself a wildlife or bird photographer, but if I’m out photographing something else and happen to see a bird or animal that looks interesting I’ll photograph it. 146 more words


Meet the "Family"

We have a little explaining to do. Nothing baaaaaddd….. But before we proceed to ramble on about our “kids” for the forseeable future I think it’s important to clarify that the names you hear bandied about are name of our pets. 164 more words


Heartachingly cute bulldog demands 6 belly rubs in a single minute

Bulldog? More like, BULLY dog.

Dogs love getting their bellies rubbed. In other news, ducks quack and water is wet.

But this adorable bulldog has taken things to the next level and we can not deal. 170 more words


The Purpose of Christmas Cards

 They’re traditional?

It’s nice to get them?

 You have nothing better to do than sit on the floor in your undies writing three dozen?

I send them every year, get them from Wildlife and The American Humane Society, figuring, I’m sending an elk to camp.     175 more words