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Cows in Jura

Cows in Jura, France

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I wanted to take a small amount of your time today to say, Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!!! 🦃

Take this time and NOT look at all the “Black Friday” savings, UNPLUG and get back to the basics of spending genuine quality time talking and laughing with your friends, family and furry friends. 17 more words

Why can't Christmas Gorilla go to the Beach?

The little gorilla loved Christmas at the beach, but he wasn’t allowed to go down to the sandy beach.

The little gorilla had on his red and white Santa hat, and… 379 more words

Personal Introspection

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a fine day today. And just to show that Turkey Day is a holiday for everyone, even the big cats of… 19 more words


doc ellen's Jordan Lake Thanksgiving message

the Creator feeds us all

squirrel enjoys his feast

whilst I give thanks

to having seen

creature small

continue to eat

seeming to sense

mine and his 

shared contentment and peace


Poem: Gwendolyn Jane

A Parody Of Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee.

The Story Of Me And My Guinea Pig

It was many and many a day ago

In a cage in my room… 339 more words