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Ancient Secrets

blowing in the wind
ancient secrets of nature
mystery to man

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I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 04

Today, I got a sign that Fluff is going to be a lively and fun cat. I already noticed that he just can’t sit still since the beginning but today he’s moving too much. 154 more words


Kittycat the Kitty Cat

This is Kitty Cat. Yes, it’s name is Kitty Cat. I have a love/ hate relationship with Kitty Cat. I came to love him when we caught him as a ferral kitten in our backyard, the only survivor of its litter. 168 more words

Just For Fun

Hoofbeats and Paw Prints

Where there are horses there are usually cats. Kindred spirits that live in harmony together. The cats help keep the mice at bay, while the horses enjoy their hay. 187 more words


Pandas versus Horses, China.

It was a battle fought in the mountains of southwestern China, where patchy forests sustain the last shreds of the wild giant panda population.
All at once, intruders began marching in and helping themselves to the pandas’ food. 338 more words