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Animals r Intelligent.

In our arrogance we human beings do not see ‘intelligence’ except as a replica of our own. The more Animals behave like us, the more we call it ‘Intelligent behaviour’. 21 more words


Red list 2013: threatened species across the regions of the world. More than 71,000 species across the world have been assessed in the latest update of the IUCN red list. 485 more words

An Intro to my Invisible Illnesses.

*Trigger warning mental illness, self harm, sexual abuse etc*

The invisible illnesses. Those evil bastards that destroy you from the inside yet no one can see it unless you wear your illness on your body in the forms of cuts, burns, scars or act up because your illness gains control over you sometimes. 1,145 more words


Marin County Wildflowers: Chimney Rock & Phoenix Lake 3/24/18

The Marin CNPS Facebook page has two new posts

Chimney Rock at Pt.Reyes -Yesterday on a very windy day at Chimney Rock. Lots of flowers there now, a good time to visit if the wind would die down.

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I’m surprised ham doesn’t taste like shit because it comes from a pigs ass.