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Haiku: Comfortably Close

Little squirrel chirps
six feet from my smiling face:
half-hearted scolding.

(both: pinterest.com)



In the States, I had moments driven by impulse.  Never mind if the action didn’t make sense, or if it would end up doing me more harm than good.  882 more words


Pro golfer stamps 'RIP Harambe' on his golf club

Whether you find it funny or not, Harambe has become the internet’s meme of the summer.

It started as a response by what many people believed was an overreaction to the tragic death of Harambe, a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo that was shot after a child fell into his pen. 94 more words


Bear cubs hold hands as their mum goes hunting for supper

This is the rather adorable moment two bear cubs held hands – or should that be paws – as their mum hunted for some fish. 321 more words


He's Up All Night To Get Funky

So we’ve been having skunk problems. Every night they try to get our chickens or ducks or rabbits. So our dogs (mostly Vincent) keep guard all. 299 more words


Two weeks at Dogs Trust Loughborough

I’m on an animal care course at the moment, and it means I have to do 150 hours of work experience a year. This year, I chose to do 90 of them at Dogs Trust, Loughborough and it was the most enjoyable two weeks of my life so far. 1,461 more words