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Infallible Fish Reviews: Batman Hush Review

Hush Batman. Hush

Okay, this is one of those reviews where I don’t quite know where to start, or how personal I should get. I have a lot of mixed feelings regarding the source material of this adaptation, but at the same time a movie should really stand by itself and be entertaining without any prior knowledge. 1,293 more words

Never Argue With A Fish

A Deuce of an ex Machina

Deus ex machina – a god from a machine – is a rightly criticized literary device. It’s defined as an incident of implausibility (in concept or character) brought into a story in order to bring it to a satisfying resolution. 601 more words

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A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN (1969) - Breezy "Peanuts" movie debut

I have enjoyed the “Peanuts” comic strip ever since I was a kid. But when it comes to the TV-special and movie adaptations, I feel they got talkier and less charming as they went along. 563 more words

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Quick Thoughts)

I am a bit late. A few days ago I watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I enjoyed it. Everything worked well, just as a casual movie/comic fan it felt like everything had a arm reaching for me. 140 more words

The Breadwinner

“Stories remain in our hearts, even when all else is gone”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I’ve always wanted to feel like an eleven year old girl living under the thumb of the Taliban in a 2001 version of Afghanistan, thanks to ‘The Breadwinner’ I can live out that dream through Parvana, the protagonist to our story.

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Scream for Tom & Jerry

If you’re a fan of “classic” Tom & Jerry — the M-G-M cartoons directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, before they went to “limited animation” for TV — you’ll note that one of their recurring gags was Tom’s crazy scream whenever Jerry did some bodily harm to him. 87 more words


FrightFest 2019: To Your Last Death (2019)

A young woman, the only survivor of her family, all killed by their vindictive father is giving the chance to relive the day, with a chance to save them, thanks to the help of someone calling herself Gamesmaster, whose people will gamble on the result… 325 more words