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Movie Review: Ratchet and Clank

Movies based on video games rarely receive warm welcomes, but Ratchet & Clank’s earnest treatment of a well-worn heroic journey is best described as forgettable but not awful: many of the jokes and action scenes feel like they’re working against their own film, but the whole production stays focused and makes too many acceptable design decisions to collapse entirely. 1,773 more words


Disney Live Action Remakes!

So it’s looking like Disney is going to remake all of their animated masterpieces into live action iterations.  On the heels of the live action remake of  168 more words

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I Love Disney's Dubs of Studio Ghibli's Films. And I Hate Weaboos!

A rather funny thing happened today as I logged into this site to post some impressions on Star Fox Zero (still to come). I noticed I had a new comment, and expected it to either be one of my regular commenters, or perhaps a bit of spam that needed to be thrown out. 1,619 more words

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Opinion Battles Round 8 Favourite Animated Disney Film (Non Pixar)

Opinion Battles Round 8

Favourite Disney Animated Film (Non Pixar)

Disney has been making animated movies from almost the start of film, they always seem to reach the right levels the audience love. 2,363 more words

Opinion Battles

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Check out Round 8 of Opinion Battles! This time, we're looking at our favorite animated Disney film (non-Pixar). I love Disney a lot. Just look at my Baking Through Disney project which is slowly moving along. My one go-to movie though among the many many Classics is one I feel is underrated called The AristoCats. Fun adventure, lots of cats and you know you'll be humming "Everybody Wants to Be A Cat". Lots of really great choices by the other participants! Head on over and drop your vote! :)

Disney Classics #2: Pinocchio

When I was a kid we had quite a few Disney movies on VHS, and we’d watch them over and over. But one sat on the shelf, untouched for years. 462 more words


Loving Vincent is sure to bring out the art enthusiast in us all

This Autumn, Vincent Van Gogh lovers can experience their favorite works of art come to life this fall with Breakthru Production’s new film Loving Vincent. … 573 more words


The End of Evangelion: Review

NOTE: This post might not be safe for work?

I told myself I wouldn’t watch The End of Evangelion. Its reinterpretation of the show’s ending is too cruel and mean-spirited for me to handle. 198 more words

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