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Details on Third "Cars" Film

It will be time to rev up again soon as plot details and the introduction of two new characters have been revealed as it pertains to the long awaited  100 more words

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87: Top 5 Original Disney Park Characters

We wants the redhead! From lovable audio-animatronics to quirky on-screen personalities to the unseen voices that fill our ears, this week we count down our favorite characters that are original to the Disney parks. 108 more words


Children's Movies ~ Unique Films with Quality Content

How many times have you sat down with your child or children to watch a new kid’s movie only to feel like you want to vomit about 20 minutes into the film? 681 more words

NOW PLAYING: The Angry Birds Movie (2016, Sony/Rovio)

Greetings, retr0pians. As games have evolved more and more over time, so have the ways we play them. If you’re not seeing one of your relatives playing the latest Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto installment on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, chances are they’re getting invested in the latest app to hit the mobile store market, with games such as Temple Run, Cut the Rope, and others proving to be huge hits among our modern-day culture. 1,413 more words


The Angry Birds Movie Review

Perhaps Hell has just frozen over, because The Angry Birds Movie is surprisingly good. It’s far from great, mind you, but considering this is a movie based on a cell phone app, it could be a whole lot worse. 618 more words

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When kids say the most unexpected things !

Recently, I was involved in a project, whose focus was on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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The stall that I manned was for the recycling and repurposing of old CDs. 190 more words

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54 Down, #1 to Go.

55 Animated Films Ranked from Worst to First.  Find out #1, and why it’s Disney’s greatest animated motion picture, this week!