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Kung Fu Panda 3 Review

Not all animated series sequels live up to the original movie. Other than Toy Story, Despicable Me and How To Train Your Dragon, all other animated film series, such as… 392 more words

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Cars 2 Review

Pixar Animation Studios is rightfully held on a pedestal in the realm of animated filmmaking. Their ability to create deep and imaginative stories that appeal to children and adults alike is seldom approached, as is their consistency in quality. 639 more words

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Kung Fu Panda 3 Review

Though the Shrek series was Dreamworks Animation’s most financially successful franchise, and the ongoing How to Train Your Dragon probably has the strongest fan devotion, I have always felt the Kung Fu Panda series was my favorite to come out of Dreamworks. 1,005 more words

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Anomalisa (2015)

It’s risky to hype an animated film as a “masterpiece” but calling it the “most human movie of the year” is particularly brave. As we know, marketing is the art of labelling faults as virtues and in this case the hype disguises the film’s absence of humanity, morality or narrative purpose.   319 more words

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Up (2009)


Up is a sweet animated film about an old man called Carl (Ed Asner) who uses his flying house to fulfill his dead wife’s wishes, with the help of a young boy called Russell (Jordan Nagai). 112 more words

Adventures of Tintin is More of a Grown-Up Movie than a Kids Movie

Adventures of Tintin (2011) is the animated Steven Spielberg film that you might not have known existed but you definitely should watch. Spielberg directed and produced the film alongside… 263 more words

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Oscar Nominees on Netflix Streaming: Animated Short

World of Tomorrow

I highly recommend this rapid paced 17 minutes of just about every sci-fi concept explored, parodied, and considered as a playful little girl is transported into the future to meet her humorless adult descendant. 10 more words

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