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Have You Noticed I Start Posting Animated Gifs When I Run Low On Time For Real Posts?

Have you noticed that when I run out of time for a real post I tend to start looking for animated gifs of something funny to include and then structure a post around that? 28 more words


Is the news on your website a little last year? Never get the time to update and tell your customers how great you are? We design websites that clearly communicate who you are and what you do and what’s more we build them with in-browser editing meaning you can update your own site any time you want whether that’s on the train, in the car or, hell, even sitting on the beach! 133 more words



Okay, so far this week our summer scorcher of a sale has offers on how we can spruce up your identity to the joys of being a social brand but where does this leave that ol’ stalwart, advertising, in these wonderfully low costs and free ways to promote your business times? 133 more words



“Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.”

Jumping from online to offline and back again is part of our everyday lives and your brand should be doing the same, telling its story and engaging with new and old customers alike, no matter where they are. 172 more words



A well crafted and targeted email marketing campaign helps you reach existing and prospective clients alike. There’s real value in staying connected and using email is an easy and inexpensive way to keep customers informed. 93 more words



The face of your company or organisation needs to be the sum of who you are and what you stand for. A brand has many elements: colours, words, photography, logos, ads, tone of voice, etc., many of which may have been independently developed over time, and may not reflect or amplify a coherent and unified message. 73 more words


Are the Maps of World of Warships Fair?

I see it from time to time while I’m playing World of Warships. Okay, I see it almost every gaming session. Someone complains about how unbalanced the game is. 885 more words

World Of Warships