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What the...!?

I was messing around with MS Paint and GIMP and the is the result of all my (20 minutes) hard work. Lol! As I stated previously I am really bad at drawing so this is considered a masterpiece by my usual standards. 96 more words


Beautiful Animated Double Exposure Photos

Beautiful Animated Double Exposure Photos by 25th Century

Deep Discovery is a new series by artists duo 25th Century (Lucas Ighile and Ayla El-Moussa), whose we talked about recently.
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I did a thing

I made a thing. Here it is. It’s a work in progress.

The right way, the easy way and the fun way

For any job, there is the right way to do things, there is the easy way to do things, and then there is the way that is a ridiculous amount of fun and will likely get your fired. 22 more words

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Do it.

Me: You can do it

(How I want to sound)

(How I’m afraid I sound)

(How I probably sound)


When you leave work early on a Tuesday

Sometimes you want to sneak out a little early during the week.  It might be to hang out with friends, get in a round of golf, or just to enjoy a sunny day in the summer.   40 more words

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