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100% response rate

This is an animated gif of response feedback for a survey I made in Surveymonkey (that’s why it looks a bit budget) – I like the concept, but might make a better-looking version some time.

Creative Journal

Animated eCard

For this assignment, I chose one of three layer comps and added animation to create movement in an eCard. I added a Motion Blur smart filter to each moving layer to enhance the appearance of motion, which in turn enhances the concept of “reaching for the stars” or “the sky’s the limit” when it comes to achieving a huge goal. 17 more words


Anna Taberko's Springtime GIFs

Spring is here, whether it feels like it or not. Sometimes we wonder…. However, Anna Taberko has a collection of amazing kaleidoscope GIFs that should help it feel like spring. 30 more words


Vladimir Stankovic's Butterflies Take Flight

We’ve written about Vladimir Stankovic before, he has a wonderful color palette and a sense of history in his artwork. He also has a liking for butterflies, a theme that has come up in his art many times before. 54 more words