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Artist Alley: Batman: Gotham Crusaders by @Philchoart AKA Phil Cho

Over the years we have seen some fantastic and not so fantastic Batman Cartoons.  To this day many people would agree that not since Batman: The Animated Series we have not had the one great Batman cartoon.   356 more words

DC Comics

An 11-Year Journey Complete: BTAS

Over the weekend while browsing a Walmart, I noticed they actually had a Batman volume that they haven’t seemed to have had before, and it caught my attention for NOT being volume one. 157 more words


Back To The Future Is Marking It's 30th Anniversary...

(Joshua Gilmore Staff Writer)

This October things are going to get heavy, as the 1985 classic “Back to the Future” will mark its 30th anniversary and the franchise will be releasing 3 collector sets onto the market. 433 more words


To Watch: Baccano!

Another gore anime. Although, unlike Hellsing, Baccano! is kind of a tolerable type of gore I think. Baccano actually is another anime that is hard to summarize. 215 more words


To Watch: Hellsing

Ok, first of all Hellsing is a gore anime. How have I stumbled upon it. I had a cousin who downloaded all of the ten episodes of Hellsing on his phone. 276 more words


To Watch: Sword Art Online II

Before you watch Sword Art Online II, please be sure to watch Sword Art Online first :D. By doing that, you’ll appreciate Sword Art Online II more than if you didn’t because there are a lot of references from Sword Art Online that will be shown at Sword Art Online II. 220 more words


To Watch: Sword Art Online

A new technology was developed called NerveGear. This technology allows full-diving into a virtual reality RPG (role-playing game). Full-diving meant that your brain will receive signals from the NerveGear making you see, hear, smell, taste, feel the virtual reality. 401 more words