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Vixen, the superherione we have been waiting for!

The CW’s new animated series, Vixen premiered today over the network’s online steaming platform CWSeed; and here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss it! 494 more words


Vixen is Coming

The CW’s online streaming platform CW Seed is will be streaming Vixen, an animated show based around the adventures of Vixen, an African-American superheroine with the power to mimic animals. 299 more words

Black History

(Capelli Rossi E Piccole Corna)

Trawling through the “refurbished” DVDs in my local Poundland, I chanced upon a copy of Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil (2007)… which I would’ve happily picked up for the title alone, but I also knew that the show shared a significant amount of creative DNA with… 405 more words

Rants About TV

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Star Wars: Clone Wars" - Upcoming Reviews

While I explore “The Avatar Universe” through my reviews of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Legend of Korra” I am also going to take on reviewing “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars.” This is part of my leadup to the release of “The Force Awakens” on Christmas and also curiosity as I’ve heard great things about “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and am willing to give it a chance after “Star Wars Rebels.” 217 more words

Animated TV Shows

Batman Beyond

I downloaded this awesome photograph. I love this animated series.

Animated Shows

Differences between MTV (then and now)

Since it was launched, MTV is a TV channel that it can play all of the music videos non-stop that the video jockeys or VJs that’s in store for us. 70 more words


Animated shows for you.

Cartoons, or animated series are mostly associated with kids. Adults are often repelled by the idea of watching cartoons. I, on the other hand was stuck watching Digimon Data Squad even when my sister had moved on to… 434 more words