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Alf Clausen has been fired from The Simpsons.

The following story has been shared here from The AV Club. I can’t believe that after 27 years with the series their composer has been fired. 19 more words


The Rugrats Are Back !! Nickelodeon Teams Up with BOOM!’s for the Return of this Epic Comic

Nickelodeon is BRING BACK its 90’s Super hit Rugrats. New Comic is scheduled to launch in October. Nickelodeon has teamed up

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Tangled: the Series review (Part 1)

Hello everyone. I stated earlier in the year that I would watch and review the Tangled series, and now that I have had the time to see all of the episodes, I have to say that it is…….. 737 more words

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The Wide Cartoon World of Sports: Sofia the First

This will be the first in a new series of extremely infrequent articles, in which I analyze sports competitions that take place in cartoons, and analyze their feasibilities compared to real-life sports. 1,160 more words

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Where in the World is #CarmenSandiego? via @quietlikeastorm

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? The Nerdy Girl Express has found out! Read on to learn all about that daring lady in red. 402 more words

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Review - The Clone Wars - Animated Series #Starwars #scifi


As many of you know I am a geek and a nerd – and proud of it. I love Star Wars – don’t ask how many times I’ve seen the original trilogy. 547 more words

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Animated films and transition to television

Hello everyone. With the Tangled sequel to the TV series premiering, it inspired this post. So what do I think of it? I liked it overall, though I could not help but make comparisons to the… 932 more words

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