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Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Celebrating 25 Years of Nicktoons and All of Their Glory

“They’re not just cartoons, they’re Nicktoons.” – some genius employee at Nickelodeon probably.

Get your walkers ready longtime Nicktoons fans, because you’re about to feel pretty elderly.

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Dandy classic: Free Voice of Equestria — Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 3000

No, wait, it was 6000. Twilight’s softcover-based memories aren’t all that reliable. Also, she never tasted the cider herself.

SSCS6K, is an episode has oftentimes been assumed to be a lesson about general economics, alcoholism, and how the frauds were revealed in the end. 1,327 more words

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Hana Züki — The long history

In those last few months, there seems to have been a few pieces of news at conventions, about Hasbro making a brand-new preschool cartoon called… 1,771 more words

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Amazon Video guide: How to watch Amazon Originals worldwide

Last edited 30th June 2016, to add actual link buttons, and since the first shortcuts to jump straight to the Wishenpoof video player didn’t work. 937 more words

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Steven Universe Hiatus

Anyone who is a fan of the Cartoon Network animated show Steven Universe knows that it is currently stuck at a standstill. This show constantly goes on hiatus which usually lasts for several months at a time. 224 more words

Animation started it all

Frozen, How to Train your Dragon, Madagascar, Kung-fu Panda, does these titles ring a bell to you? Well, of course! Who wouldn’t know such iconic animated movies! 421 more words

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Steven Universe Pilot - "Pilot" - A Creative Use of Time and Identity

    “Steven Universe” is an interesting show to review. The episodes are short so a lot has to be shown in order for the stories to work. 429 more words

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