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Moana Review 

It still astonishes me that Disney can still make a movie like Moana. Let’s not kid ourselves here, Disney can still phone it in and they’ll make a shit ton of money. 361 more words



Illumination, the studio that made yellow talking, singing and dancing tic tacs aka Minions a well loved franchise return with a new animated family film. Although Illumination have seen success with the Despicable Me series & spin-off, The Secret Life of Pets was somewhat old-fashioned Saturday morning cartoon-esque. 306 more words


Top 100 Films #35 - It's Such a Beautiful Day (2012)

#35. It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012)
Directed by: Don Hertzfeldt
Written by: Don Hertzfeldt
Starring: Don Hertzfeldt, Sara Cushman

It’s Such a Beautiful Day is a collection of three inter-connected minimalist animated stories by American independent animator Don Hertzfeldt.   302 more words


The Beast's Depression in Beauty and the Beast

So I pretty much think of Disney’s 1991 Beauty and the Beast as a pretty perfect movie. It’s got a remarkably strong and proactive heroine who I, as a lover of books and stories, always saw myself in very strongly. 862 more words

FAMILY GUY-The Gratifying Griffins(Part 2)

Lois: It seems today
That all you see
Is violence in movies and sex on TV
Peter: But where are those good old fashioned values… 1,038 more words