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Week 6: Social Media and Your Career

The topic for this week revolves around social media and professionalism, with the lecture delving into the realm of celebrity life within social media (SAE_CIU_OverviewofIndustry & Institute, 2015). 388 more words

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Making 'Em Move

Directors: Harry Bailey & John Foster
Release Date:
 July 5, 1931
Rating: ★★★

‘Making ‘Em Move’ is a surprisingly original cartoon, being about animation itself.  217 more words

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Week 5: Inclusive Design

This weeks lecture revolved around the concepts of inclusive design and how a creative project can reach a wider audience. Another part of inclusive design is the inclusion of a wide variety of demographic within a project team (SAE_CIU_OverviewofIndustry & Institute, 2015). 613 more words

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Week 4: Secret Interview Techniques

This week has been all about interview techniques. The lecture covered the questions commonly asked by potential employers as well as some that are unique and require lateral thinking. 432 more words

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Epic Sketchbook: Miguel Herranz

Patrick Smith, co-founder and advisor of Cartoons Underground, and co-writer at ScribbleJunkies Blog, started exploring different types of sketchbooks from artists from all around the world. 63 more words


Week 3: Copyright and Contracts

Before beginning my studies in animation I have always had many questions about copyright, with only a vague idea of how it functions. My knowledge up until this weeks lecture and tutorial has extended only to the fact that copyright is protection of intellectual property. 443 more words

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Watch the first Teaser Trailer for "Moana", the next Disney Princess!

Disney just released the first Teaser Trailer for Moana, the new CGI princess movie comming out this November!

Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, known for their works on The Little Mermaid, Alladin and Princess and the Frog. 86 more words