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FX artists


What does an FX artist do?

What is the work flow to produce these effects?

How has innovation in hardware changed the use of effects? 102 more words

Animation Industry

Fume FX

FumeFX is a plug-in for Maya or 3DS max, it is a dynamics fluid engine for the simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosion and other gasses.

Animation Industry

VFX Artists

London is a massive hot-spot for VFX across the globe. There are over 140 VFX dedicated studios, varying from feature films, to commercials and games or even a bit of everything. 663 more words

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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics and particle effects are the bread and butter to any VFX artist’s toolbelt. These dynamic effects enable the artists to create anything from fire and water, to hurricanes and sand storms. 100 more words

Animation Industry

The Toronto Animation Arts Festival International happened from April 22nd to 24th at the George Brown College and Corus Quay. Just like the Spark Festival that happens in Vancouver twice a year, TAAFI brings with it a lot of talks with different names from the animation industry, this year the biggest one being no one else but Mr Eric Goldberg known by his work in Aladdin and now, Moana. 206 more words


What industry roles interest me?

After a bit of searching, a few roles have started to stand out to me, these are; character animator, effects animator, animator, VFX artist and concept artist. 146 more words

Animation Industry

Epic Sketchbook: Suhita Shirodkar

Patrick Smith, co-founder and advisor of Cartoons Underground, and co-writer at ScribbleJunkies Blog, started exploring different types of sketchbooks from artists from all around the world. 75 more words