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Monster hit

As reported by Variety, director Raman Hui’s MONSTER HUNT scared up 172 million RMB ($27.7 million USD) on opening day – setting a new record for domestic Chinese films… 214 more words


Independent Animation - R'ha (2013)

R’ha (2013) is an animated science fiction short film by Kaleb Lechowski. The story takes place on an alien world where technology has surpassed the species it was created by and it seeks to destroy them. 241 more words

Monkey business

After 8 years of development and production, October Animation Studio’s animated feature MONKEY KING: HERO RETURNS (did he ever leave?) is playing in mainland China ( 132 more words


Annecy 2015

June was a busy animation month for me, which (ironically) means the blog has been rather silent. The biggest event for the month was my first trip to the… 519 more words

Look How Far We've Come!

I think I’m just going to come right out and say this, this post is going to be a little sentimental, and I just want to look back at the past year that I’ve been blogging. 947 more words

Personal Post

Animation Industry

In this unit I shall be researching into the Gaming Industry, specifically looking at 3D modeling for characters yet will be considering other Industries which use this such as the Film Industry, and looking at how this process is involved in the pipeline and as a role in general. 1,576 more words

Animation Industry

Animation Industry

VFX Artist

Visual effects artists are responsible for creating computer-generated animations and special effects on screens at home and in theaters, they create imagery that is either impractical or impossible to film. 1,236 more words

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