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Today in class we talked about title sequences.

Whenever i think of title sequences The good, the bad and the ugly by Director Sergio Leone always comes to mind, as such an iconic film and sequence (and its animated!) 1,063 more words


An Animation Interview With My Sister

As the majority of you that read my blog must know by now animation is one of my main interests and having two younger siblings has made both of them targets for my “you need to see this new show” moments. 347 more words


Parallels between Bringing Up Baby and Finding Nemo

Bringing Up Baby is a romantic comedy from 1938 with  Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant in the leading roles, it is considered to be one of the best crazy comedies of all time. 922 more words


Melty Faces are the Best Faces

I rediscovered an old GIF I started awhile back. The idea was to have some of the characters from Hotline Miami 2 transition into each other, by having their faces melt and distort in a fun way. 195 more words


"Rock Dog"



“Rock Dog” is an animated film that’s perfect for older kids (ages 8 – 12), especially those who are musically inclined or play an instrument. 356 more words

2017 Film Reviews

Random Musing: Top 10 Favorite Disney Movies

Welcome back on this lovely Monday, Arrowheads! Today’s random musing post is a ranking of my top-ten favorite Walt Disney Animated Classics. Be prepared for some Disnerdiness. 720 more words

Random Musing