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WWTBAM-Animation Edition S4E2: I was Roxanne for Halloween Last Year! w/Amanda Sorrento

Fellow Disney lover, Amanda Sorrento, has returned for Season 4 to try her hand again at getting to the million! How far does she go?  46 more words


11SecondsClub – 2017 December competition

Hello Fellows! Let me show you the animation I made for the last month competition, where I took the 3th place of 93 competitors. Hope you enjoy it! 8 more words


KLOMP! Animation

KLOMP! is a Dutch animation studio based in Rotterdam which specializes in traditional 2D animation.

These guys have been making fun animations for a long time, and their most recent short film is just great so I had to share it and some of their other great work! 162 more words



I have decided to go for a subtle yet varied range of colors, though my story is very vibrant and innocent I would like the mood and color choice to be a little desaturated to make it more rustic and realistic. 41 more words


Καμύ vs Σαρτρ...(ένα διδακτικό animation)

Κατά τη διάρκεια του Β΄ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου, οι Γάλλοι υπαρξιστές Ζαν-Πολ Σαρτρ και Αλμπέρ Καμύ ήταν στενοί φίλοι. Έπιναν και συζητούσαν, ενώ συχνά περνούσαν πολλές νύχτες μαζί έξω στην πόλη. 7 more words