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And So It Begins... (Digimon Adventures Episode 1)

This blog is amorphous. Its content has never been steadily forthcoming or of the same general category. This new blog series is my attempt to grapple with Digimon from Adventures 1 through Fusion and the new Digimon Adventures Tri film series being released in Japan. 476 more words


Our Two Cents: Anime Goes to Hollywood

What do you do when you want to write a top ten list, but you’re too lazy to come up with ten whole entries? Just ask your friends to chip in! 2,346 more words


Princess Principal Episode 11: Ultimate betrayal

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In many ways, this episode didn’t quite go the way I expected, but I think I’ll wait to see how it comes together in the end to pass ultimate judgment. 403 more words


The Ancient PreCure Appears! - Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 32

Summary: Bibury has been given one more chance to prove her loyalty to Noir and beat the PreCure once and for all. Bibury’s attack comes just as the girls are pleading to the ancient PreCure’s Kiraru Pot for advice on how to use the crystal animals. 538 more words


Kokoro Connect (2012) anime review

The Student Cultural Society is made up of five students who when they entered high school realized that there were no clubs where they fit for various reasons. 218 more words


Anime News: No more DVDs from Sentai Filmworks

I found out this news in my newsletter and it was also mentioned in Twitter.

According to the English License company Sentai Filmworks, the company is hoping to phase out all home DVDs formats for future anime by 2019. 133 more words