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A whole new blog...

This is a dedicated blog to all things Gundam And Gunpla related.

It will feature my own custom kits and general builds, plus my thoughts and reactions to them.


Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc Review

Remember watching season 2 of the anime or read my old review? I would like to ask, how do you make a season that consists of 45 something episodes into a two episode OVA? 457 more words


Examining Old School Anime: Joe Yabuki's Hard Heart

Greetings to our dear readers!  Having accepted TWWK’s invitation to write for Beneath the Tangles, we decided that blogging about old school anime (anime produced in the 80’s and in prior decades) would make for an interesting addition to the blog and introduce fans to some great old series.  824 more words


Intermediatry: Saekano - Kimi iro Signal [cover song]

Well I found this cover song to be pretty good. Even though its done by a guy. Enjoy the soundtrack peeps :D.


'You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.'

I know that this anime is tagged under ‘comedy’, but I’m surprised that I actually found it funny. Not since Daily Lives of High School Boys… 537 more words


Spring 2015 forecast

First, sorry again about the deadness. Lots of things happened, including sickness, and my own personal trial that I had to overcome. That out of the way, here’s my list of what I am looking out for in Spring: 511 more words


Kill la Kyriarchy: Building and Destroying Power Structures

The last post in this series. Today’s theme: how KLK’s oppressive systems work and how they’re dismantled.

        Kill la Kill presents a very overt metaphor for systematic privilege and disenfranchising. 3,528 more words

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