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While the outside world was enveloped with darkness, Ryuuji was sitting quietly on his sofa, as the dim light barely managed to keep the room lit. 1,391 more words


Maddening Monday - ANOTHER

Sigh, I wanted so hard to like this anime because I heard that it was quite good and good it was, at least in the beginning. 1,566 more words

Maddeningly Sweet?

Are bishounens too pretty?

I was actually thinking brainstorming on a topic to write about when I received a comment from a reader in my previous post that gave me an idea, what is the difference between a bishounen or pretty boy and a Trap? 1,086 more words

Maddeningly Sweet?

My Favorite Anime Characters!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite anime characters! I’ve shared my anime crushes and my anime girl crushes before but I haven’t shared just my favorite characters. 1,278 more words


Lovely keychains

Hi everyone!

As I am renewing my etsy list! some of the best photos I took the other day I think they were my keychains… there are some reasons behind that… 159 more words


Doraemon has come to my house!

Lately I have been trying to remember older characters that I liked when I was young so one in the list was Doraemon… if I remember correctly it was a cat toy that doesn’t has ears… or something like that? 83 more words


Starting my pokemonless month.. Aye sir!!

And so here I am trying to developt some new amigurumi friends and also trying to keep my promise with my friend that I will try to not make only pokemons lol, it is more difficult than I thought… 147 more words