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New designs arriving

Hello everyone!

Todays post is about the new designs that are available in my etsy shop.

Some of them you may have already saw them, my “short leged” eeveelution collection that was only for cotton yarn made, is now available in my normal acrylic yarn versions! 103 more words


My top 5 quotes of Gaara

  • ​Just because someone is important to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, that person is good. Even if you knew that person was evil… People cannot win against their loneliness.
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Anime Characters

Winter 2018 Anime First Impressions #1 - Action-packed series'

I know that I’ve said it time and again that I will not succumb to the wondrous new season of anime but I retract my statement now because how can I, as a self-proclaimed and proud internet hobbit, not watch all of the new anime series’. 1,804 more words

Maddeningly Sweet Reviews?

My Top 5 Quotes of "Shikamaru Nara"

Shikamaru the Smart shinobi of Konoha who is having an IQ of over 200 and a lazy person. So in this blog I am going to write about my top 5 quotes of Shikamaru. 147 more words

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My Top 5 Quotes of 'Hatake Kakashi'

Kakashi is one of my favorite character in Naruto. So today I am going to post my top 5 quotes of Kakashi.

  • In the shinobi world, those that break the written and unwritten rules are deemed trash… but be that as it may… Those that would disregard their comrades so easily are even worse than trash.
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Anime Characters

My 4 Reasons to tell you why I don't like "SAKURA"

If you are a great fan of Sakura then I apologizing to you all before as I am going to tell you all why can’t I handle her. 480 more words

Anime Characters

My Top 5 Quotes Of Pain

Pain one of the strongest character in Naruto and today I want to write about my favorite quotes of Pain. Even these quotes hide a great pain in them. 203 more words

Anime Characters