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Anime Girls and Reverse Hypergamy

Because of the differences in their brain chemistry, men and women love differently. Specifically for women, this is because of a hypergamous instinct which has helped our species propagate for millions of years. 673 more words

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Artificializing Male Scarcity

Male scarcity refers to a situation where females of a species greatly outnumber the males, greatly reducing the level of competition by the males to win mates and general resources. 321 more words

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Top 5 Kick Ass Female Anime Characters!

Hey everyone! Check out my new video where I countdown my Top 5 kick ass female anime characters! Enjoy & please subscribe!

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Totoro and Soot Sprites

Totoro is a big favourite in the family big and small we all love it. From it came out the Biiiiig Totoro and small Soot sprites. 151 more words

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 When it comes to dandies and space, there is only one.

I just finished watching season one of space dandy. At first I wasn’t sure where the show was going with its direction or with the episodes. 538 more words

Anime Characters

Big Order with small mishaps

At first glance this looks like a harem series, yet it’s far from it. For its a hero series with some small mishaps.

Spent this week watching Big Order. 544 more words

Anime Characters

My Top 10 Anime Female Characters

As the years have went by, Anime has gotten a fairly large fan base. And that means that there must be characters within these shows that have left quite an impression on the viewers. 1,954 more words