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A Short Weeaboo Guide to Convention Planning (and Survival)

With the 2017 convention season starting (and me still angry with people whom won’t shower at these things), I figure that I’ll be nice and give some helpful advice to survive the convention year.   1,427 more words


Neptune and Uranus Aren't Lovers! (Or How I Thought That Was a Fanmade Rumor)

So, a funny story on how I discovered that these two weren’t  cousins,  but unrelated lovers.  Gotta love 90s anime  dubbing censorship.

Back around in late 2001, I legit thought Uranus and Neptune being lesbians was a fanmade rumor.  203 more words

Please Bathe or Shower at Anime Conventions

For the convention season, please take a shower or bath before you head to an anime/comic/sci-fi con. Nobody is trying to smell your nasty, unwashed, unclean ass because you refuse to take care of basic personal hygiene. 139 more words


I Don't Get The Three Episode Rule (Freewrite)

I never got the “There Episodes Rule” of the anime community. The “logic” behind this rule is that you should give a series three episodes to see if it gets good, or worthy enough to continue. 123 more words

Digibro - Oh Shit...

“Holy shit!  This is gonna be good!  My lord, this is gonna start some shit within the community!  Can’t wait to get home to watch this shit!” 754 more words


The toxicity of the anime community

Some Updates:

I want to start off this post by apologizing for quite a lot of things. The first thing is the title of this post. 604 more words

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