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The Best Way to Watch Anime?

I always thought that marathoning an anime was the best way to watch it. It’s like a movie. And uninterrupted experience. I don’t have to wait for the next episode to come out nor do I forget what happened the week before. 365 more words


How I Successfully Ruined My Night + How You Can Too!

My next post on my “journey to self-discovery” was going to be me going on an on about how much I love animes and how I was so excited to try new types of animes and talk about them here on my blog. 1,438 more words

More notes about us and others

Between being busy with real life and working on fan stuff we were nominated by our friend Overlord -who by the way has build a yuri review paradise at his place; go check him gushing enthusiastically over girls’ love and you might be interested in reading the… 837 more words


Apps for Anime Lovers

Before I start, I want to let you know that I use iPhone so I have no clue if these apps are available for android users. 540 more words


Gory vs Cute: Attack on Iwatobi Swim Club

Gore and Cuteness have always been at odds in the Anime Community at large. Recently there have been examples of a trend of splitting off gore and cute into separate shows, such as… 699 more words

Should I make a list of the worst and best anime opening and ending songs for each year whether it’d be for each future year, present year, or in the past? 9 more words