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Anime Community

Is There Any Hope For Niche Anime Analysis

The anime community has grown well past the typical manga chapter reviews back in 2012 and 2013. Now we can enjoy anime and manga on a more deeper thanks to Digi’s analytical videos. 501 more words


I'll Be Loving Anime Till I'm In That Rocking Chair

Exactly as the title said I’ll be loving anime till I’m in my rocking chair, bingeing crap out of anime. Tire of anime? Preposterous.
741 more words


Anime Community HATE

Recently in the anime community there has been a great mob mentality over the course of these past couple weeks. This is past the point of expressing just personal opinions and displeasure where people are sending death threats.  280 more words


Anime 'Darling in the FranXX' Is Finally Getting There and Fans Are Getting Insane!

Darling in the Franxx is finally the right formula for Studio Trigger. The combination of its action and drama does not fall short compared to its predecessors, but it still fell short in some aspects. 597 more words


Five LOVES of the Anime Community

Hey Grimms,

Recently I had to have a bit of a ranting moment with my post Five Anime Community Pet Peeves. I regret nothing I said  957 more words

Grimm Otaku

Post-Con Blues: I Don’t Get It (Litterally and Figuratively)

In my eight years of traveling to conventions and browsing through convention social media pages/groups, there is one ailment that tends to impact many an otaku: Post-Con Blues.  543 more words