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Happy New Year, Everyone!


This is just me popping in to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2017 was officially the worst year for me and I couldn’t be happier to leave it behind. 129 more words

The State and Culture of Anime Conventions in Five Years

Note: This is merely my prediction of the convention scene based on my seven or so odd years of experience a member of the anime and sci-fi convention scene.  2,021 more words


Yuri isn't Made for Men: An Analysis of the Demographics of Yuri Mangaka and Fans

Part 1: Introduction

Through my time in the anime community, I’ve come to realize that yuri is an incredibly misunderstood genre. Many think of it as a parallel to BL, being made by men for men, while others see it as a field almost exclusively made up of women. 1,964 more words


Don't Throw Class S Out Entirely

Class S has become something of a pejorative, for understandable reasons. Its intense focus on intimate relationships without any clear romance or pay-off is quite outdated, and while its influence on yuri is massive, the genre is only now stepping out of its shadow. 713 more words

General Thoughts

A small update and a BIG THANK YOU!

Hi everyone and welcome to my place!

Today I am going to do a little update on what I am thinking to with my blog and I want to take the opportunity to also say a big thank you. 910 more words


Anime Blogging Party at the Living Room

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

So today I am not doing reviews of my favorite animes/videogames! Today I bring you an idea which I called “Anime Blogging Party at the Living Room”… Wtf is this may you ask? 631 more words


A Look at Western Influence on Anime Production

The West’s role in anime production is more discussed than ever. Companies like Amazon and Netflix are attempting to enter the anime streaming market, and Western corporations are showing up in the credits at an ever-increasing rate. 2,233 more words