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FREEWRITE: Dragon Ball Fighterz MUST Be Successful

Arc System Works’s (ASW) Dragon Ball Fighterz must  be successful in order to lay down the path of future anime fighting games based off other anime/manga series. 479 more words

Dragon Ball

What's the pride in pirating?

Recently in places like Instagram, I’ve realised there are so many people who seem to take pride in pirating anime. When discussing what sites they use to stream, there are generally quite a few people who encourage others to use Crunchyroll, Funimation or other legal sites, but these sorts of comments are usually followed by angry replies of people who claim to be ‘broke’ and ‘can’t afford such luxuries’. 503 more words


Dragon Ball Super Episodes 95-98 Leaks UPDATE! *SOME Major Spoilers*

So, remember from this past Monday (6/5/17) when an anonymous 2chan poster leaked information on Dragon Ball Super Eps. 95-98 with full episode titles, summuary, and staff listings?  578 more words


Anime Central - Day 0

Ahh Anime Central.  Chicago’s ultimate otaku convention for partying and debauchery.  It’s a great convention to find hard drugs like coke and acid. There’s alcoholic beverages flowing  about.  2,168 more words


Resurrection of Freeza. Again. Yay… (Slight Freewrite)

This past week, news from  2channel (Japanese image board) surfaced citing the return Freeza to Dragon Ball Super (DBS) for the Universe Survival Arc.  I didn’t care at first; the major Dragon Ball YouTubers (Geekdom 101, Qaadman’s Land, Dragon Ball Nation, etc.) I follow and trust didn’t believe it was legit news.   369 more words


A Short Weeaboo Guide to Convention Planning (and Survival)

With the 2017 convention season starting (and me still angry with people whom won’t shower at these things), I figure that I’ll be nice and give some helpful advice to survive the convention year.   1,427 more words