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5 Worst Anime ED's of Spring 2018 - Listing Compulsive

If you missed my previous lists for the 10 Best and 10 Worst Anime OP’s of Spring 2018 you can click the links to view them. 481 more words


A Separation of Series and Song

What do you do when an anime series you don’t particularly like happens to have a great OP or ED? 567 more words


5 Worst Anime ED's Winter 2018 - Listing Compulsive

Following on from the previous lists: 10 Best Anime OP’s, 10 Worst Anime OP’s and most recently 10 Best Anime ED’s, we have the final anime music related list of the Winter 2018 season, the 5 Worst ED’s! 426 more words


Anime OP and ED Lyrics


I’m not an active blog user, mostly because of real life issues ( I mean, College, study, etc.) and I usually post some of my simple sketches and artworks on my blog. 93 more words