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Anime Music Pt.7 - Nostalgic Anime Music

Nostalgia, Nostalgia!!

Long before we were anime fans, (or otakus, in some cases, not mine), we may have come across that one anime or anime song that got etched in our brains. 171 more words


Anime Music Pt.6 - The Best Anime Songs You (Probably) Haven't Heard Of

I’m not joking. No matter how many anime series you may watch, you cannot deny the fact that you haven’t watched everything anime has to offer. 170 more words


Anime Music Ichiban! 其ノゴ!Part Five!

When we talk about Chinese New Year, some of us think Chinatown and lion dances, some of us think a long journey back home to spend time with family and friends, some of us think fireworks! 289 more words


Anime Music Series Pt. 5 - Epic Anime OST Pt.2

Continuation of Anime Music Series Pt. 4, which means more epic anime music!! Although today’s selection is little less epic and more spine-chilling, I still hope you guys would enjoy it. 140 more words


(Anime) Love Songs for Lovey-Dovey Couples!

Today’s Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February!

So, I decided to make a playlist for ye love birds, just for the sake of doing it. So, yeah, curse me all you want, ye nations of the Singularity! 152 more words


Anime Music Series Pt. 3

In modern Western culture, movies, and  TV shows (no matter what genre), the openings and the endings are insignificant. Both the openings and the endings of the afore-mentioned shows are used only to display credits and play no part whatsoever in creating a suitable atmosphere. 297 more words


Anime Music Ichiban!!其ノニチ! Part 2!

Phew! Let’s take a break from all that anime, shall we? Don’t worry though. I shall continue my ongoing article about comedy anime but for the time being, let’s listen to some soothing anime beforehand. 186 more words