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neo yokio

Neo Yokio is on netfix (my blog) is a amusing take at anime and its tropes including robots magic and consumerism..I laughed, whether non anime people would find it amusing is something i do not know… 12 more words

Television Shows

Yuri!!! On ICE and the 'gay' olympics

Is an anime two seasons ago that i did not watch but had most of the ice skating (my blog) community (my blog) in rapture when a couple of gays got together. 57 more words


J-drama's and anime update

So what is new in J-Drama ? that i found worthy of viewing

Jiu – Special Investigation Team is a police drama that i got into there is murder and guns to be found here along with an commentary about honour and stuff. 79 more words


When Marnie Was There

Omoide no Mânî is imdb: tt3398268 and is the last Ghibli film (my blog) Being me i had to watch the subtitled version so recorded it late one evening and it was damm odd to see gambling adverts in a childrens film being the late night showing. 20 more words

Film Reviews

little witch academia

Is a anime series on netflix (my blog) which despite being a like a lot of anime has a humour and pace to it.

It grows on you even if like me you think… 39 more words

Television Shows

Crunchyroll versus Netflix

Once upon time i would visit crunchyroll and see decent j-dramas (my blog) but netflix (my blog) seems to have stolen that crown with this new  … 51 more words


Keijo! - when sjw's are free advertising

Keijo is not an anime i would normally watch – in fact it is not even listed where it is officially streamed also the sjw’s of the press seem to be not discussing anime when once they did.  207 more words