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Anime Japan 2015

Okay okay okay, I LOVE conventions. The atmosphere, the people, the goodies you get, ALL of it!! So, I’ve always heard these legends of Japanese anime conventions. 394 more words

The wind rises

imdb tt2013293 is the second to last gibli film with Hayao Miyazaki at the helm.  It is controversial as the subject matter is Jiro Horikoshi despite that it has a beautiful style and remembers that sometimes war invents non war things and unless your a army leader, emperor theres not a lot an engineer can do to stop it. 33 more words


Show by Rock deka-keychains available at Anime Japan

The set will be 1000 yen at Anime Japan, which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight March 21-22, 2015.


[Anime Japan 2015] The First AniRadio Awards [Guidelines]

It has come to our attention that there would be an AniRadio Awards in the upcoming Anime Japan. We have decided to translate it to help people vote for their favorite seiyuu! 587 more words


Interesting Japanese stuff

Nobunaga Concerto is an interesting J-Drama where the past meets the future.  As i usually hate ninja sort of type things so take this as as a recommendation. 203 more words


Japanese Drama and anime to seek out [that i can access]

Galileo is a sherlock clone show so it is good to see that crime is not simply solved by the near dead middle class amateurs.  Generally speaking of the three i have seen the lady policewoman’s sense of ethics seems a bit off or someone attempting the greasy pole of promotion / stupid, and has the better emphasis on the science. 172 more words