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President Nico Nico Nii's Top 5 Anime List

It’s been really hard for me to write blog posts lately.  I already had 3 blogs I was writing before I ultimately scrapped them.  I scrapped them not because I think that they were bad subjects or anything like that, I scrapped them because I felt annoyed by it.  1,542 more words

President Nico Nico Nii

Overall First Impressions - Fall 2016

With the Fall Anime Season now in full swing, and having done in depth First Impressions for all the series I feel warrant detailed posts, I figured it’d be a good idea to list some brief thoughts I have on the remainder of the titles currently airing this season, as well as provide an update on the shows I’ve already posted about. 2,408 more words


The Listless List: 5 Worst Anime of Summer 2016

In every Anime Season, for one reason or another, amongst all the instant classics and entertaining shows, there are always some bad apples: shows that disappoint, that derail as they go on, or that, forgive me choice of phrasing but, are just plain terrible and painful to watch. 1,535 more words


The Listless List: Top 5 Anime of Summer 2016

With the Autumn Anime Season already in full swing, I figured what better way to kick off this series than reflecting on the best shows of Summer 2016? 1,449 more words


Anime Fall 2016 List

As another season comes and goes, I start to realize a worrying trend with what I watch. I will only either stick to some sort of Shonen (like… 1,057 more words



First and foremost, I absolutely love Studio Ghibli. It’s truly challenging to pick a favorite movie from them, simply because they’re all so amazing. However, if I had to choose my top 5, it would go something like this:1) Howls Moving Castle, 2) Princess Mononoke, 3) Spirited Away, 4) Kiki’s Delivery Service, 5) My Neighbor Totoro. 110 more words


5 (More) Underrated Anime

Looking For Something New?

Back in December 2015 I made a list of 5 Underrated Anime and I thought it was about time I got to making another. 1,035 more words

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