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Essa é uma Galeria especial do Anime Naruto, espero que gostem.

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Those who are born prodigies aren’t happy. Only those who believe in themselves til the end and battle on with a fiery spirit, are truly happy.

–Gai-sensai, Naruto ep. 196



Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay+Costume

Naruto is a boisterous and exuberant individual. He has a number of childish traits, such as being a very picky eater (he almost exclusively eats ramen), being afraid of ghosts, and carries a chubby green-frog wallet which he calls “Gama-chan”. 26 more words


Naruto Neji Hyuga Cosplay+Costume

As a member of the Hyuga clan, Neji has a Byakugan, allowing him to see the chakra flow of others and block the flow upon contact with his Gentle Fist style. 74 more words