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I watched the first few minutes of Brother's Conflict and...

I never watched the damn anime and I already felt like I knew what I was getting into. I believe everyone has a bullshit meter somewhere hidden in their brains and mine screamed when I saw the promotional images for… 823 more words


Momo Kyun Sword Review/Rant

Momo Kyun Sword. Where does one even begin to talk about Momo Kyun Sword? Well, you don’t. Probably because you’ve never heard of this trash. I never heard of it either. 2,430 more words


Big Order's First Impressions

Firstly, I’m judging this anime on it first episode. One may say: *gasp* ” Redbean, you can’t judge an anime by it’s first episode!” Ohoho are you gravely mistaken my friend! 566 more words


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama Review/Rant: Painfully Terrible.

Kaichou Wa Maid- Sama (The class president is also a maid) Review/Rant

Ok, the only reason I found out about this anime is because I recently got my friend into anime, and I guess she stumbled across this one on her own. 4,498 more words


Diabolik Lovers Review/Rant

Diabolik Lovers Review/Rant

Genre: Ass, bullshit, wifebeating, dumb heroine

How did I come across this anime again? Oh well whatever lets just get right to it. 2,326 more words


Akise Aru Dies?!?! My New Anime Crush

OKAY. I’ve been finishing Mirai Nikki and I just finished the episode where Akise died :(

I mean, why did he have to die? Why not Yuno, I mean why couldn’t Akise end up with Yuki and we could make this some YukixAkise story… Haha I’ve been reading too much fanfictions but anyways I still believe Akise shouldn’t have died, he knew Yuno’s secret too and he loves Yuki, he even kissed him. 78 more words

RE: Can English-Speaking Fans Critique Japanese Voice Acting?

I’m sick and a little buzzed on cough syrup. I also haven’t published any posts in 8 months. Which means that it is the¬†perfect¬† 3,167 more words

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