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Akise Aru Dies?!?! My New Anime Crush

OKAY. I’ve been finishing Mirai Nikki and I just finished the episode where Akise died :(

I mean, why did he have to die? Why not Yuno, I mean why couldn’t Akise end up with Yuki and we could make this some YukixAkise story… Haha I’ve been reading too much fanfictions but anyways I still believe Akise shouldn’t have died, he knew Yuno’s secret too and he loves Yuki, he even kissed him. 78 more words

RE: Can English-Speaking Fans Critique Japanese Voice Acting?

I’m sick and a little buzzed on cough syrup. I also haven’t published any posts in 8 months. Which means that it is the perfect  3,167 more words

Anime Rants

Anime Music Madness-Namida no Chizu

Today’s song in the lineup is Namida no Chizu, the image song for Ferio from Magic Knights Rayearth, sung by Yamazaki Takumi

Ho man, I remember watching Rayearth for the first time and thinking what a waste it was that Ferio went after annoying Fuu. 247 more words