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Golden Time 

I finish watching Golden Time. First, I want to say that I am not fan of watching romance but my friend insist me to watch this anime. 143 more words



Inuyashiki is kind of different in other anime that I watch. It is differ in how a story will flow. The MC who always get superpowers always do something good but for the antagonist who also has a similar power, it’s a little bit different. 166 more words


Just watch

I already watch the two anime in this chart, Re:Zero and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. In my blog, I just tell you some information about an anime that can get your attention. 142 more words



This anime is one of the complicated anime that I watch. I barely remember the character (too tired to search) but the one who I remember the most is the yellow hair guy who can lift heavier objects like vending machine, car, and all of the items you think human can’t lift. 117 more words


Anime Reviews + Recommendations + Ratings by Sir Meliodas.

Hello and Welcome to my blog everyone ! My name is Sir Meliodas, yes, the sin of  Wrath bringing you the 3 Rs of anime: Reviews, Recommendations, and Ratings. 331 more words

Mob Psycho 100

When an overpowered physic boy suppress his power, do you know what will happen? This anime shows the story of Mob, a psychic who struggles with his power. 113 more words


What I watched in January 2018 (Reviews and Recommendations for anime and manga)

Despite the fact that I’ve been reviewing evangelion every single day for this past month I’m still able to recommend / review a bunch of things that I watched this month! 1,085 more words