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"Just the Beginning" Owari no Seraph Review and Recommendations

“Oh my”

Owari no Seraph portrays a world where humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction (Where have I heard that before?), via a deadly disease. 457 more words

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BOOOST! High School DxD BorN Review and Recommendations


High school DxD with its ever so loving oppai protagonist Hyoudou Issei and his harem, sets out to entertain its viewers in ways that most people might find not “quite to their taste”. 352 more words

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"Crossing a Road" Hibike Euphonium Review and Recommendations

“It is a lie that the gods smile upon those who make an effort.”

Note:Hibike Euphonium is not K-On 2.0. It is its own entity and anime, taking on a whole different direction that K-On did. 389 more words

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Basketball is my Favorite Sport! Kuroko no Basket Review and Recommendations

“I like to dribble up and down the court.

Kuroko no Basket. A sports anime, which generally I don’t usually watch but I do like playing basketball and I do follow the NBA so it interested me. 263 more words

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Kiritsu! Rei! Lock On! Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Review and Recommendations

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu follows the story of the worst class in a really restricting and suffocating high school based on a hierarchy of grades. This is done in order to reflect society where there would always be the “Worst” and the “best”. 341 more words

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"Steel is my Body" Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Review and Recommendations

People die when they are killed.”

I believe there was a lot of hype going into F/SN:UBW before the show even began. With a track record of the movie and of course its predecessors of Fate/Stay Night/Zero and the Unlimited Blade Works Movie, the anime goes down another path of the popular Visual Novel Series. 391 more words

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Plastic Memories "Not Just a Memory" Review and Recommendations

He’s had it

Plastic memories was a fun ride, evoking a thought process whilst watching in which most people wouldn’t think about until their time came. 330 more words

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