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Angel Beats

Angel beats is an action, comedy, drama and supernatural anime. Angel Beats is one my favourite anime and I watch it over and over again. Words cannot describe how great I thought Angel beats was to watch. 374 more words


Sword Art Online (SAO)

Sword Art Online (SAO) is an action, adventure and science fiction anime. It is based in the year 2022 where gamers are lined up waiting for the game ‘Sword Art Online’. 335 more words


Winter 2016: Anticipation and Expectations, What am I watching?

With the end of 2015 comes a whole new year of anime in the year 2016. The winter season kicks off the year with a number of different anime to watch. 967 more words


Best Anime of 2015: Anime (Subjective)

This post is generally going to be a more of a subjective view for what I believe to be the best Anime of 2015 is. With that being said, those who have similar interests to me, such as the genres I like or the different niches I like will probably get more of an insight to what was the best, or whats good for them. 325 more words


When Anime Meets Thug Life: Gangsta.


By: Allison Macasaet

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who do you call? The Handymen!

Airing from July to September of 2015, 589 more words

Anime Recommendations

Best Anime of 2015: Story

Stories when read or watched can do a variety of different things. Stories have the ability to suck us into a world, as if though we were inside that world ourselves. 410 more words


Best Anime of 2015: Animation

Dependent on the animation it has the possibility to turn viewers off if its not to their taste. It may vary from person to person, but generally a smooth flowing animation is better than a start-stopping choppy one. 433 more words