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Anime Recommendation: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

With the anime of this fall season coming to an end, I wanted to express my love for Recovery of an MMO Junkie. I was a little hesitant to start watch this anime; I had yet to see a good anime related to video games. 177 more words

Anime Recommendations

What I watched In November - Recommendations and Reviews For Anime!

In November I didn’t watch nearly as much anime as other months however I completed everything on this list and shows like hajime no ippo are really long! 850 more words


Anime Recommendation: Made in Abyss

One of the top anime from the past summer season was a new anime called “Made in Abyss”. Made in Abyss is a story of a girl named Riko who lives in a world which contains a large abyss which stretches to depths unknown to man. 346 more words

Anime Recommendations

I'm Deprived of Anime to Watch

This sounds kind of stupid to me since there’s an eighty foot-long list of anime I should watch, but what would you guys recommend?

I’m more into sci-fi and slice-of-life type of anime (well, shows and movies in general). 59 more words


Neo Yokio: wine pairing pt 2

Who doesn’t love a little color matching? Pink is always in. The second part to our Neo Yokio Wine color matching.

Got any color matching suggestions? Hit us up!

My Experience With Vampire Anime

Before I start, I’m gonna get this one thing outta the way: vampire’s aren’t my thing.

Actually, paranormal isn’t my thing. It’s not that I hate it, but I’m not one to go rah!rah!rah! 785 more words


That One Fall 2017 Anime I Really Want To Watch

I’m not someone that keeps up with the anime seasons.

I mean, if I see an anime I wanna watch, I just watch it. I don’t care when it came out. 402 more words