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"8 Years" D.Gray-man Hallow Review and Recommendations

“Don’t stop… Keep walking”

After 8 years of hiatus, D.Gray-man hits the screens with its season Hallow. Continuing on from where it left off all those years ago, it probably seems appropriate to go either re-watch its previous season or read the manga in order to get a refresher of what’s going on. 478 more words


"Feel Good" Momokuri Review and Recommendations

“It seems like love means something slightly different to each of us.”

Momokuri brings about a story between 2 people, Momotsuki Shinya (Momo-kun) and Kurihara Yuki (Kurihara-san). 422 more words


"This World is a Lie" Qualidea Code Review and Recommendations

“I am right! I am Justice!”

Qualidea Code brings about an anime which is a roller coaster ride. With all its twists and turns, it provides for a lot of suspense when watching. 431 more words


"Bathing" Ange Vierge Review and Recommendations

“So if everyone in zombie movies became zombies, there’d be nothing left to eat”

Ange Vierge is an anime based off a card game by Fujimi Shobo and Media Factor. 468 more words


"Limited Edition Youth" ReLife Review and Recommendations

“That last sunset that ties us together will never be forgotten… even if everything were to disappear- That one bond… will never come undone”

When looking back of memories in the past, it is clearly easy to say that things could have been done better if “x” occurred or if I did “x” better. 509 more words


"His Own Cooking" Shokugeki no Soma: Ni no Sara Review and Recommendations

“You’re so arrogant, letting someone call you ‘master.'”

Returning from its successful 1st season, Shokugeki no Soma continues the story of one Yukihira Soma and his journey through the culinary world via Totsuki Culinary Academy. 461 more words


"All for the Breasts" Rewrite Review and Recommendations

“Boobs transcend all reason and situations! That’s just how boobs work!”

Based off a visual Novel by Key, Rewrite hit the screens projecting a story based around humanity and its affect on the planet. 499 more words