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I hate spoilers! 2 mistakes you don't want to make

How do we respond to spoiler?

When we are newcomers to anime, it is something that we can’t tell but, what we can know is that spoilers are commonly hated around the world, sometimes are people who don’t get their anime shows ruined because of spoilers, sometimes others spoiler themselves when getting bored with a show or they can’t wait to know what will happen. 405 more words


so are there any mecha/romance?

list of 7 shows where romace and mecha can fit in the same anime

1 – Kannazuki no Miko Episodes: 12

2 – Infinite Stratos… 27 more words


Hey guys! Long time no post huh?  Sorry about the small hiatus; uni has started and I’ve been busy getting stuff to and from my apartment.  528 more words


6 Romance-Action anime shows

Let’s show off some of the action/adventure side of romance shows:

28 more words


Deirii Raifu's Favorite Anime

This list will provide more of a subjective perspective to my favorite anime. Among all the anime I’ve concurrently watched there have been a few gems which have stood out to me which I enjoyed the most while watching. 1,087 more words


Top 10 Anime Recommendations for Newcomers

Anime is a tricky medium to get new people into. Whether they are your friends, family or just classmates, most people see anime as either: just cartoons for kids or weird fetish hentai. 2,113 more words


Summer 2016: Anticipation, Expectations & Impressions, What am I Watching?

Man, the hype for this season. After looking at what initially was airing this season, I can say that there (for myself) are some really good shows in the Summer 2016 season. 982 more words