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Gabriel DropOut OVA Ep 2 - Whoa...

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you and welcome to my review on the second OVA of the slice-of-life comedy, Gabriel DropOut (2016) made by Doga Kobo. 842 more words

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Kaleido Star Review

Photo: Funimation

Kaleido Star is one of my favorite Shoujo anime. I first stumbled upon it when I was browsing the romance genre on Funimation and thought romance mixed in with a story where a girl is working toward following her dreams was perfect for me at the time, so I decided to watch it. 881 more words


My Hero Academia (2017): Bakugo vs Uraraka

Episode 22 Bakugo vs Uraraka is a good episode, but also a massive waste of a dramatic opportunity. Spoilers ahead obviously.

Look, I know that… 510 more words


3 Underrated Anime to Put You in the Perfect Mood for Summer

Now that classes are over and many of us have some well-deserved free time on our hands, the season for summer anime has begun! Not interested in waiting around for weekly installments of your new favorite show? 764 more words


Where The Heck Is Sorajin!?

Hiya! In case any of you ever wonder where the hell is Sorajin (if you even 127 more words

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A Silent Voice Movie Review

I’m finally back!! I apologize for not posting in nearly a month! I finally got a short break from school, so I have to take this opportunity! 631 more words


BanG Dream!

Looking for an school idol slice-of-life anime? Then this anime is probably for you.

One day, Toyama Kasumi follows a path of star stickers to an old, rundown pawn shop. 126 more words