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My Journey on The Land of the Lustrous

When my friend recommended me Houseki no Kuni, she told me, “It’s a weird series about gems. A CGI series.” I immediately thought she was exaggerating and knowing how much she dislikes CGI, I thought it used CGI in a different way. 5,870 more words

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A Laid-Back Look at Laid-Back Camp

Yuru Camp (or Laid-back Camp) seems to have all the hallmarks of a comfy iyashikei show- mild lighting, not-too-bright color coordination, memorable yet simplistic character designs, and a nice set of soundtracks that blend into the background. 907 more words

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Rolling Review – Irozuku (06)

Episode Synopsis:

After a club meeting detailing the next official outing (to involve dressing up in… late Victorian western fashion?), Aoi discusses the appearance of the golden fish when he used Hitomi’s star sand, and the apparent origin of the motif: a picture he won an award for when he was in grade school. 461 more words


Natsume’s Book of Friends: How Am I supposed to Keep Calm When Writing About This Show?

It’s time to talk more about Natsume’s Book of Friends. More indepth this time. Yes, my collaboration on Natumse appeared a few weeks ago. Keiko… 2,216 more words

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Pokemon Indigo League Season 1 Episode 61 Review

Ash and his friends are on their way back to Viridian City to get the last Gym Badge but Misty’s Horsea isn’t feeling very well. It may be sad because it doesn’t like to swim around that much. 449 more words


Sums of it's Parts > Greater Whole. 18if Anime Review

18if is an anime adaptation based on those Candy Crush match three mobile puzzle games but that little tidbit isn’t much to talk about as 18if has the unique trait of being those animes where a new director helms nearly every episode, akin to Mayoi Neko Overrun but in a fantasy setting instead of a romantic comedy. 970 more words