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Happy Sugar Life - Episode 6 (Review)

Last week on a Happy Sugar Life or better known as This Predator Needs To Be Caught, Shoko spent time with Taiyo, a coworker who is obsessed with the missing girl named Shio Koube. 455 more words

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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord - Episode 7 (Review)

Last week after a vicious assault of fan service on How Not To Avoid Fan Service, Shera is confronted by her brother who intends to bring her back to their kingdom to which she refuses. 404 more words

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Anime: Informal Commentary/Review, Bleach: Season One Episode Five.

I hope you had a great week! Lets start!

Last Sentence Takeaway: I really love the look of the gates of hell. Creepy but so cool looking. 569 more words


Review--Today's Menu For The Emiya Family episode 1

I don’t traditionally review shows on an episode by episode basis (because I frequently end up missing a week and having to watch 2 episodes at once, and I have a hard time summarizing individual episodes that are 30 minutes long on a weekly basis, especially when watching multiple anime episodes), but this anime comes out so infrequently I can actually review this one individually LOL. 607 more words

Asobi Asobase: Making the Abnormal Normal (Again)

I always love how anime approaches normal, everyday activities. I know that fighting anime series always have characters that get inhuman amounts of bleeding, special fighting techniques that people can’t do including flying and energy waves, and people coming back from the dead, but those have always been extraordinary.   980 more words

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Anime Review 7.4 Gundam Seed (Season 1)

Out of all the Alternative Gundam Timelines, the Cosmic Era is seemed to the one to get the most hate from hardcore Gundam fans. The negative feedback was so strong that many people especially hardcore Gundam fans call this the joke timeline. 1,538 more words

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Anime Review 7.3 Eureka Seven

“Don’t beg for things, get them yourself or else you won’t get anything”.

Renton Thurston.

Eureka Seven was one of those animes that I wanted to watch ever since it came out in 2005. 1,829 more words

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