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Asobi Asobase Review

If there was a comedy that made waves in the Summer of 2018, then Asobi Asobase did that in spades as to how it just didn’t give a fuck… 1,423 more words


Oldest Anime of All

This is going to be my first blog so I thought why not start with the first ever anime?While many people consider Tetsuwan Atom (mostly known as Astro Boy) to be the first anime ever,I assure you that, it is a straight up false statement. 387 more words

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Revue Starlight - Episode 11 (Review)

  Last week on Revue Starlight, we were left to deal with waiting for a follow-up to one of the most dramatic cliffhangers; Karen is betrayed after Hikari steals a victory for herself. 298 more words

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Pokemon Indigo League Season 1 Episode 42 Review

Ash and his friends arrived to a town called Dark City until a child is taking away from a parent because of Pokemon trainers. Suddenly, Pikachu gets hit on the head with a rock thrown from the roof of a building. 544 more words


Magical Girl Raising Project: A Retrospective Anime Review


Magical girl anime has long been a staple genre to keep the anime community entertained, with its weekly doses of super cute magical girls fighting the big bad beastie, saving the day, and then going home and eating obscene amounts of cake to celebrate. 1,164 more words

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