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Anime Sunday: Mayoiga Episode 01 Impressions

This week for Anime Sunday I’m covering another new series from the Spring 2016 Season! It’s my Mayoiga Episode 01 Impressions!

Plot Synopsis: A group of 30 young men and women go on a bus tour to Nanaki Village, a shadowy village with an urban legend of being a utopia. 300 more words


Summer Wars - #9

Another relatively well-known and acclaimed movie, Summer Wars is all about coming together to work for a common goal, finding family in an unexpected way, and…an actual war. 424 more words

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Haifuri - 08

Haifuri establishes that the virus was all an evil plot by the scientists or… something this week. See the creatures were created in an underwater submarine and the training mission was just a cover to collect and/or destroy the evidence. 109 more words

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Sounds Good To Me - A Sound! Euphonium Review

Sound! Euphonium is utterly fantastic. In a glance, it may look like just an anime that caters to band geeks (I know it did for me, shame on me I’m awful), but it’s actually an astonishing amount more. 1,264 more words


Log Horizon (S1) - Enchanters, Tanks, Assassins

Log Horizon is an anime where the players of a MMORPG, Elder Tale, find themselves waking up as their in-game avatars. While the summary might have some fans thinking of a certain 2011 anime, it’s better to enter this show without any preconceived notions. 885 more words


'Kodomo no Jikan' Season 1 + OVA Review

DISCLAIMER: If you are sensitive to vague or not-so-vague sexuality involving minors, lolicon, yuri, or anything of the sort, I suggest you do not read this review. 748 more words