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Keijo!!!!!!!! - 03

The Gist: Cockroach-chan and Miyata-chan spend this week upgrading their skills, one more obviously than the other. While the vacuum butt cannon is obviously powerful and highly regarded by the instructors, Cockroach-chan is forbidden to use it due to significant health risks it entails. 269 more words

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To Be Hero - 03

It is as we feared, we are all male and can not fight the female ‘globers’

The Gist: The aliens have studied humans and believe the race is divided into two types. 205 more words

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To Be Hero - 02

The Gist: Old Man is trapped living next door with his nudist neighbor… but the alien threat keeps on coming. This week a chicken man and a pink bearded muscle man are undone in comical, but extremely quickly spoken dialog. 145 more words

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Cheating Craft - 02

The Gist: L-type and C-type students go at each other and then the teacher to win their way through the school entrance exam. Body doubles, poison bees, copy-cat pingpong balls, and even micro-slicing a paper in half to repeat the answers, this show shows a ton of clever cheating and anti-cheating tricks of it’s world. 68 more words

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Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 03

The Gist: ‘Toi and Yuma continue to dabble in magic girl hero antics, including another possessed dude bringing demon trouble, culminating in a showdown with another monster. 181 more words

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Yuri! On Ice Episodes 2 and 3

Yeah, it was a given that I’d do this one.
Some fun lil tidbits first, the tagging on Viktor’s instagram/twitter/whatever fake SNS it is reveals that this  1,933 more words

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This anime is a little odd. It’s based off of a manga by the same name. There are 26 episodes, or 13 if you watch it on Crunchyroll, and 1 manga volume. 79 more words