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Law Of Ueki

For this review I’m going to pick a series that is little known and is hilariously underrated, Law of Ueki.

Law Of Ueki is a 51 episode series , produced by Studio Deen same guys who produced Rurouni Kenshi , Fate/Stay night and more importantly Beyblade! 480 more words


Ruroni Kenshin

This is one of the best anime series who love samurai and who wants to know about Japanese culture and life style.

He is the samurai who fought with  government after a long fight he quit and become a wanderer and the  things happens are the story. 13 more words

Anime Series

Anime review: Flying Witch

This is a seriously relaxing anime! It was so nice to watch after some of the more depressing animes of the season (stares at Re:Zero) because it was just so healing. 65 more words

Manga Review

Anime review: Bungo Stray Dogs

This anime is very cool! I love it. It’s filled with action and a surprising amount of comedy. (The ending is one of my favorite songs, btw.) The manga is going to get translated, which is pretty awesome, and it’s going to get another season in October! 30 more words


Anime review: Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

This is a really funny anime. And pretty silly too. But very enjoyable. I’m pretty sure this anime finishes just like the manga, which is nice. 34 more words


Anime review: Shounen Maid

Seriously VERY good. I love this anime. The characters are nice and quirky. This anime is bright and cheerful when it wants to be, and it can also be sad when it wants it to be. 105 more words


Anime review: The Asterisk War

This was a pretty good anime. I really liked the action scenes. Not sure how much I liked the harem though… But the characters were still enjoyable and the story was easy to follow. 51 more words