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My top 15 anime-series (part 3.)

This list is based on my opinion and it belongs to me. I have been reading manga and watching anime for many years now (according to MyAnimeList I have seen over 15 000 episodes) which means I had difficulties deciding 15 best of the best. 3,187 more words

Fukumenkei Noise: Episode 11 Review

About Fukumenkei Noise

         Originally I was planning on writing a full episode guide for Fukumenkei Noise that I wrote about last April to help boost its promotions, however I felt that there was so much workload involving analyzing the story from the characters point of view, that I decided to scrape off the idea temporarily.

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Anime Series

W'P Encyclopedia

Hi guys and welcome to the 1st Post of the:

“White’s Planet Encyclopedia”: INTRODUCTION

I’ve been having fun with the blog I have to admit. But the real journey has not begun yet. 112 more words


Sword Art Online Season 1

English Title: Sword Art Online (SAO)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Romance
Aired Date:Jul 8, 2012 to Dec 23, 2012
Episode Count:25 717 more words


Chapter 3 - Olivier

“Do you have the Sealer?” – the giant crawler asked. Qwei and Fwei seemed worried as they looked at the top of the pyramid.

“Petra has failed u–” – Qwei tried to say… 1,512 more words


Does WTF?! Anime Actually Have Some Sort Of Alluring Appeal To Fans

I find it rather intriguing when you are watching an anime and all of a sudden you say, “WTF am I watching?” Then your next initial thought is, “Why am I watching this again?” That is when you know an anime has turned from good to terribly bad. 1,491 more words


Akatsuki no Yona: The Shield and Sword Prophecy Theory

Hi Everyone!

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My name’s Magsi Rover and I’m here to talk about Akatsuki No Yona The Manga and Anime Series. 844 more words

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