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[My Take On] Taboo Tattoo: Misery Loves Company

New anime series. 3 episodes so far. Awesome opening song. Unique plot. Intriguing characters. Killer moves.

As for chills…it’s been awhile since Hunter X Hunter… 256 more words

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Case Closed Review Episode 15 - The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast


We’re back with another Toon Review! This episode Ubernerd is joined by Dubious Khan as we talk about the mystery genre and the anime “Case Closed” (aka Detective Conan). 39 more words

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Can you guess my favorite song? I’ll give you a hint: Stay shigachi na imeeji darake no, tayorinai tsubasa demo, kitto toberu sa, on my love…


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Differences Between Myself and Tomoko from Watamote

No, I’m not going to compare my current self with her. We are nothing alike now. I’m much more social than before. However, I want to make a comparison between her and my elementary self since at that time I had a serious social anxiety. 703 more words


Anime review: Mayoiga

I thought Mayoiga was good… at first. The ending felt really incomplete, liked they didn’t solve or explain everything. I would hope for another season, but then it was announced that light novels would continue the series. 55 more words


Anime review: Concrete Revolutio

I was pretty confused about the timeline in this anime at the beginning, but once I started paying attention to the dates, it got a lot easier. 66 more words


Anime review: Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

To be honest, I was expecting Tanaka to just be a comedy, so I was surprised when I saw romantic elements. But it was all handled well. 51 more words