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Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

Secrets out. I’m a huge nerd. Like super huge nerd. Oops?

When I first found out that we were moving to SLC I looked up what types of nerd conventions were in the area and oddly enough (for a huge metropolitan area) there are only two; … 892 more words


Hunter x Hunter (2011) - A closer look at Gon vs Neferpitou

When discussions arise about the best fights in Hunter x Hunter, one frequent candidate is that between Gon and Neferpitou from the Chimera Ant arc, and for good reason. 5,430 more words


All out!!

Hi everyone! :D

I’ve been watching “All out!!” lately, and I have to say it’s an absolutely incredible Animé!  I highly recommend it ~ Just inspiring how hard Jinko work together! 44 more words


Hey Everyone

This is my blog (obviously) I’ll be posting anime reviews and analysis’ maybe some game reviews from time to time, I know it’s probably going to stay a small  blog but I welcome you to this blog; I’ll mainly post on the weekends because school is very busy for me for the next couple of years so yeah. 21 more words


A Cultivating Final (Sakura) Quest

Props to P.A. Works for actually being able to conclude such a messy (by their standard) series. A lot of times Sakura Quest gets compared to the working series’s masterpiece that is… 1,176 more words


Mob Psycho 100

Psychic One Punch Man

It’s been a while my readers, but I am still around! Just been busy here and there, but I haven’t forgotten about blogging. 566 more words