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Amanchu! - Review

Amanchu! follows the story of Futuba Ooki, or Teko if you will. Teko is a shy girl who just moved in to a new city. With the help of Pikari, the local super energetic girl, we are given a riveting tale of adventure as Teko overcomes her fear of new experiences. 582 more words


Zaregoto Series OVA Vol. 1 OP+ED. ✔

Zaregoto Series OVA Vol. 1 OP+ED.


Berserk: Complete Series (Limited Edition) - Review

Time, being an unforgiving element of existence, eventually swallows all. This is a strange yet indisputable law that goes unspoken yet is known to all. Human kind can retain knowledge of the past in various forms, but eventually time comes to take it all. 1,224 more words


The amount of

passion and drive that Yurio carries is absolutely contagious. There’s times that I feel this narrative would have been stronger if he was full time leading rather then splitting the duty as an accessory to Yuuri’s journey.


Girlish Number Episode 3 Review - "Blasphemous Chitose and the Usual Story"

Another episode featuring the arrogant rookie VA…the walking fountain of memefaces..Karasuma Chitose! Is the anime that’s been on shaky ground from the very start beginning to fall apart already? 670 more words


Pokemon Go

Yes i know I’m late to be blogging about this (sorry), but as a Pokemon Master it’s still my duty…

I joined the game late, well maybe like 3 weeks after it launched? 298 more words

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Bloodivores Episodes 4


At least someone is asking what happened to all these missing Bloodivores. It doesn’t look like he’s actually going to find an answer any time soon (and I’m pretty sure that they are setting him up to get in over his head and then killed) but at least someone is asking. 280 more words