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Have You Ever Participated in a Sakura Matsuri Festival?

My daughter and husband both share an interest in Japanese anime. When I saw a Japanese festival advertised a few weeks ago that was taking place at the… 539 more words

Monday Blog

AniMAY: Cowboy Bebop

Original Airdate: April 3, 1998

Anime Genre: Shounen, Action/Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Space

Total Episodes: 26

Movies: 1, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Heaven’s Door – English Title) 27 more words


First Impressions (Anime): Sakamoto desu ga?

So… I thought whatever I had listed down in my Spring 2016 Anime Interests was all I was gonna be watching this season. As of the end of April, I’ve watched a few more anime from this season’s airing-list… which brings the total number of series I’m watching this season up to 11 (probably?)…  And I haven’t even started on Mayoiga yet! 513 more words

First Impressions

Sansha Sanyou Episode #04

Well, this is Yoko Nishikawa’s previous life as she always call her rich friends and play at her mansion. Alas, it’s all but a memory! 251 more words



Having finally escaped the brutal cycle of madness and murder that transformed the town of Hinamizawa into a hell on Earth, Keiichi, Rika, and their friends are looking forward to simply being teenagers and living a normal life. 118 more words