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Bernie goes to Boston

Bernie Sanders was actually caught going toward an anime expo in Boston earlier this month. He’s is such a hypocrite, obviously he is trying to tap into the anime special interest lobby.


Boruto merupakan anak pertama dari Naruto Uzumaki. Sama dengan ayahnya, Boruto juga memiliki seri manga tersendiri yang terbit sebulan sekali. Mewarisi kepopuleran Naruto, seri Boruto sepertinya juga berhasil menarik perhatian eks penggemar Naruto. 239 more words

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LS 3-4: More Seinfeld than Seinfeld

Lucky Star episodes 3-4 review

It’s not easy to review these episodes of Lucky Star, especially without using our catch phrase around here. In episode 3, Konata and pals talk about a whole bunch of random stuff in random situations with no real plot. 125 more words


Vinsmoke Jajji (Pemimpin)

Salah satu pemimpin kerajaan Germa 66 dan ayah dari sanji dan 4 saudaranya, memiliki tujuan untuk menguasai Wilayah North Blue seperti para pendahulunya. 397 more words

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Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 4


And Glenn is back to being a bit scummy as he essentially places bets on his classes performance in the magical competition. This underlying idea kind of smashes any of his kindness or reasoned decision making in setting up the students and preparing them, and he does do some good work building the students up and getting them to acknowledge their own strengths. 144 more words

[Figure Review] FuRyu Love Live Sunshine!!

My package was finally delivered to my house! (I Actually I got it a week ago). 

So I bought 5 prize figurine from a shop called… 1,085 more words


As Nastya was remembering “Sakamichi no Apollon” yesterday…