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Musings and Reflections – Fall 2017 Week 7

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Ep. 7)

     For a show that’s about nothing, this one certainly is enjoyable. Nothing happens but it’s totally alright. Walking a lot and baking bread can be described in a few words but as strange as it is, almost half an hour of it didn’t bother me at all. 1,542 more words


Random Drawing #5

Just one of my lazy drawings. Lasy, but random.

I tried making this into a speedpaint. Hopefully, I will make better ones in the future.


[KnB] Chance - Chapter 10


Chapter 10
“I’m off, Jerg! I’ve got to visit my father before going to the hospital.” Rowie gave her two friends a hug and kisses on their cheeks. 2,098 more words


What I learnt about film from Pokémon: The First Movie (Yes, Seriously)

As a child of the 90s, there are several things I can’t deny. I watched SM:TV Live on Saturday mornings. Frequently forgot to feed a Tamagachi. 1,485 more words


Juuni Taisen Episode 8: Justice is tricky

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I really don’t know about this episode. It seemed pretty dull overall. The flashback was excessively long for characters who already got a flashback in the previous episode. 175 more words


Twilight Q: Not the anthology we deserve or need

Twilight Q is an old OVA from the late 80s. It has two parts, each one from a different studio. The first being from Ajia-do, the same studio we have to thank for… 1,061 more words


Responsibilities and Duties and a Place to Belong (As Seen in Konohana Kitan)

Amidst the yuri developments and the spooky otherworldly antics, Konohana Kitan has been candidly exploring what it means to be responsible and to fulfill expectations. 1,050 more words