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Jormungand 2nd Season: Audaciously Terrible

This show’s 2nd season…

…absolutely horrendous.  Facebook status, it’s your turn:


So, finished Jormungand’s 2nd season finally

It was absolutely horrendous X/ I have never seen such a bad mood whiplash, let’s shoe-horn in a plot that retroactively retcons several major characters personalities, backgrounds, the 1st season, & the like, & general bad writing. 174 more words


Find Me on Monster Hunter 3: ULTIMATE!!!

This game, find me on it:

My male character is djdateM, presently fiddling around with bows, & my female character is djDominix.

Still low-leveled, but I’m slowly working my way up the ranks…when I’m not working…when I’m not at a con…when I’m not working on a cosplay…when I–you’ll find me eventually, alright~!? 6 more words


Monster Hunter 3 ULTIMATE: Need Some Buddies

So, due to blacking out then waking up with an African-American Wii U:

I can now, of course, play Wii U games.  Wii U games like…I don’t know, this one: 120 more words


MAGfest Stuff

Okay, while I have the time, despite starting a BRAND SPANKING NEW JOB >>.<<  I’ll still be able to attend (seriously, took me forever to find something ~.~)… 121 more words


BlazBlue Art Book Collection COMPLETE

So, all 3 are together 4 ever & eien now:

…When I got the final piece of the puzzle in right before I went on vacation: 72 more words