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Conference Report 'Comment penser l'anthropocène'.

Two of us went to Paris to attend the conference ‘Comment penser  l’anthropocène’. You can now find our conference report and some videos on Somatosphere!


Plant perspective

My job stresses me out and I want to leave. This would have been a true statement a month ago, a year ago; in fact, 2 years ago, going all the way back to when I first started. 1,001 more words

Land And Land Spirits

Roots Left Hanging in the Air

The past few weeks have been quite intense.  Another flood ravaged the Calder Valley on Boxing Day -we were told that the floods in June 2012, and July 2013(!), were exceptional events, but this was worse- with unprecedented river levels, and extensive damage to homes, businesses, and historical infrastructure.  426 more words


On the Wings of Birds

The phrase ‘Gods & Radicals’, was something of a koan to me when I first considered submitting material to this journal. I’m wary of the term ‘radical’ which so often slips from its original meaning of ‘seeking change from the root up’ into the values-empty ‘change by whatever means necessary’. 1,168 more words


The Path as a Fissure

A small contribution toward an animist ethics

By Accipiter Nisus

Many of us who are concerned with reclaiming alternative visions of, and access to, our local landscapes regularly practice some form of path-forging; whether that be through the dérive or drift, urbexing, hiking, mushrooming, or foraging. 1,236 more words


Restoring Life to Death

There is death.  And then there is death.

Salmon swim upstream to spawn, and then die, having exerted themselves completely.   Eagles and bears drag salmon carcasses into the forest, and the remnants nourish the trees. 1,118 more words


Taking Soul Birds Seriously.

Appropriately, on this variously named festival of the first fruits of the northern hemisphere harvest, Saturn, a.k.a. the Reaper, so named both for the necessity of death-in-life, and as ‘the one who harvests fruitful deeds'(1), turns direct in the heavens and starts to move forward across the last degrees of Scorpio, resonating with a potent configuration of other planets. 576 more words