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Entanglements in an Anthropocentric World -Thom van Dooren on Crows and Hospitality.

Perhaps it is we who have not yet “evolved” into the kinds of beings worthy of our own inheritances‘. -Thom van Dooren, Flight Ways. 1,660 more words



I think I’m an animist. I certainly think it can’t hurt to be appreciative and thankful to the many objects — living and otherwise — which help me along through the day. 414 more words


Shady pine trees and rivers of light

About a fortnight ago, I attended a Witches Sabbat on unceded Algonquin land and territory in the Ottawa Valley. The purpose of the Sabbat was working with land spirits as well as with working with curses, a contentious topic in many circles of witchcraft in the west. 2,059 more words


Field Poppy Moon

Looking forward to the Field Poppy Moon starting tomorrow, I was briefly put off by the focus on midsummer. It’s a hard holiday for me to celebrate, because I’m depressed by the idea that it’s already here. 271 more words


Magical arts and sacred geographies

A few weeks ago I read an article by Maranda Elizabeth called: How Magic Helps Me Live With Pain And Trauma (read here). The article directly inspired the reflections below, as I want to highlight the importance of magical and artistic geographies when it comes to both magic and creativity. 1,486 more words


Conference Report 'Comment penser l'anthropocène'.

Two of us went to Paris to attend the conference ‘Comment penser  l’anthropocène’. You can now find our conference report and some videos on Somatosphere!


Plant perspective

My job stresses me out and I want to leave. This would have been a true statement a month ago, a year ago; in fact, 2 years ago, going all the way back to when I first started. 1,001 more words

Land And Land Spirits