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Walking - Attention and Receptivity.

Nature’s particular gift to the walker … is to set the mind jogging, to make it garrulous, exalted, a little mad maybe -certainly creative and supersensitive, until at last it really seems to be outside of you and as if it were talking to you while you are talking back to it.  899 more words


Chaos, Cosmos, and Chaosmos. 1- Chaos.

When at last I had disabused my mind of the enormous imposture of a design, an object, and an end, a purpose, or a system, I began to see dimly how much more grandeur, beauty, and hope there is in a divine chaos -not chaos in the sense of disorder or confusion but simply the absence of order- than there is in a universe made by a pattern, this draught-board universe my mind had laid out: this machine made world and and piece of mechanism; what a petty despicable microcosmos I had substituted for the reality.” … 1,386 more words


A City Where Gods Can Live

(an excerpt from Christopher Scott Thompson’s new book, Pagan Anarchism)

Imagine a city in some possible future. It’s a beautiful place, not so much because of the architecture or layout, but because there are growing things everywhere. 2,395 more words


Entanglements in an Anthropocentric World -Thom van Dooren on Crows and Hospitality.

Perhaps it is we who have not yet “evolved” into the kinds of beings worthy of our own inheritances‘. -Thom van Dooren, Flight Ways. 1,660 more words



I think I’m an animist. I certainly think it can’t hurt to be appreciative and thankful to the many objects — living and otherwise — which help me along through the day. 414 more words