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Art, Nature and Magic - The Fine Art of the Sting

When we combine a life of Art or Artful living with the joys and perils of our real emotional life, nature teaches us everything we need to know how to navigate such a winding river, and in order to navigate this journey, she teaches us through experience with her fire, her wind storms, her insects and her animals. 1,271 more words

Artist Residency

Restoring Life to Death

There is death.  And then there is death.

Salmon swim upstream to spawn, and then die, having exerted themselves completely.   Eagles and bears drag salmon carcasses into the forest, and the remnants nourish the trees. 1,118 more words


Taking Soul Birds Seriously.

Appropriately, on this variously named festival of the first fruits of the northern hemisphere harvest, Saturn, a.k.a. the Reaper, so named both for the necessity of death-in-life, and as ‘the one who harvests fruitful deeds'(1), turns direct in the heavens and starts to move forward across the last degrees of Scorpio, resonating with a potent configuration of other planets. 576 more words


Links: The land (connections/water/damage)

I read the following within the last week; I suspect many of my readers might appreciate them, too.

Lorna Smithers’ heartbreaking “Spirit of the Aquifer… 53 more words


Subtle Bodies, a book review.

Although my occasional full bodied roars drew complaints from accountants in the office upstairs, my acupuncturist agreed that it was a good way to release energy.  1,217 more words


Life Through a Lens.

I sometimes find that photography gets in the way of just’being there’.   I’ve never wanted to take photographs of birds, for example.  When I’m with birds I want to give them my full attention rather than fiddling with a camera.  160 more words


Why are you here?

Farewell now my sister
Up ahead there lies your road
And your conscience walks beside you
It’s the best friend you will ever know
And the past is now your future…

1,805 more words

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