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On the Wings of Birds

The phrase ‘Gods & Radicals’, was something of a koan to me when I first considered submitting material to this journal. I’m wary of the term ‘radical’ which so often slips from its original meaning of ‘seeking change from the root up’ into the values-empty ‘change by whatever means necessary’. 1,168 more words


Tigers in Tokyo

I call this 13,000 year old shaman’s effigy, the “Heart of the Ancient Tiger” because it has a special meaning for me. I have a very good buddhist, scientist and professional cellist friend from Tokyo, and although I had never had a dreaming with him before (the past twenty years) while he lived in the US, I recently did, only after he returned to Tokyo.  1,171 more words


The Path as a Fissure

A small contribution toward an animist ethics

By Accipiter Nisus

Many of us who are concerned with reclaiming alternative visions of, and access to, our local landscapes regularly practice some form of path-forging; whether that be through the dérive or drift, urbexing, hiking, mushrooming, or foraging. 1,236 more words


Vulture & Bird Thunder Women

Grandmother Shaman (Priestesses) of the Thunderbird, Condor and Vulture Bird Tribes, combing the Goddesses hair (Mother Earth). The image is called the Gundestrup Cauldron, from 200 BCE and 300 CE, a Douter plate, silver, gilded Vessel 3rd Century BCE – The underworld image of a man and dog, at the bottom of the image is the fallen human and their lowest animist soul (dog or cat), which is the sexual abuses of men of the rising religious cults of Christians, Muslims and Judaic men (war tribes), when they were still sent to the underworld.  National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark


Art, Nature and Magic - The Fine Art of the Sting

When we combine a life of Art or Artful living with the joys and perils of our real emotional life, nature teaches us everything we need to know how to navigate such a winding river, and in order to navigate this journey, she teaches us through experience with her fire, her wind storms, her insects and her animals. 1,271 more words


Restoring Life to Death

There is death.  And then there is death.

Salmon swim upstream to spawn, and then die, having exerted themselves completely.   Eagles and bears drag salmon carcasses into the forest, and the remnants nourish the trees. 1,118 more words