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The Viking Age Temple at Gamla Uppsala

Woodcut depicting the Temple at Gamla Uppsala, in what is now Sweden, by Olaus Magnus, from his Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus (“Description of the Northern Peoples”), published in Rome in 1555. 2,200 more words


graffiti on 450 year old tree

Tucked away in a gully well away from town is a tree, a very big tree. It’s location is not well-known and finding the Spotted Gum is difficult. 114 more words


The Word from Beyond

I removed the previous post, Channels of the Soul, because it was largely unintelligible.  A friend of mine commented that she was having difficulty with some of the complex sentence structure.   514 more words


MWD: Hiatus

My Month of Written Devotion for the Spirit of the Santa Clara Valley is going on Hiatus until after I get back and can recover from… 40 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Thoughts on Matriarchy

I plan to continue my posts regarding the psalms of the Marian Psalter in future posts. However right now I want to take a break from it. 1,698 more words

The Spear

The spear is my only truth
For the point leads the way
The way leads to emptiness
Emptiness contains the spirit
Spirit is my only truth… 187 more words