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On "invasives"

I know some people around here (and elsewhere) who feel tremendous antipathy toward invasive plant species. Once I tried to broach the idea that this was both futile and misguided–or at least that it’s useful to consider that possibility. 566 more words


January 17


Read “My Papa’s Waltz,” ‘Dolor,” “Night Crow,” and “The Lost Son”

Class Topic:

  • Animism (from Latin anima, “breath, spirit, life”) is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. 
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Theodore Roethke

Break open, wild one

On my other blog, a post about some recent experiences I’ve had being out in the forest and at the ocean. A quote:

Nature can break us open in the most beautiful of ways, reminding us of our own wildness, of the connection we have with the world and with other beings.

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Break open, wild one

Whenever I am be-ing outdoors, awe and gratitude often strike me to the core, like a ray of sun suddenly slicing through the dense canopy and illuminating the forest floor in a shocking glow. 1,167 more words

Charged Loins and Shocking Parties

With summer just around the corner, it seems fitting to explore more of the electric and eclectic ways that fine folks, just like yourselves, would like to, as they say – ‘party’ . 809 more words

Medical History

A Reverie (a Review)

Though I maintain a healthy amount of suspicion, I tend toward a heuristic of faith and quickly fall in love with the ideas that saturate my life.  3,672 more words


Animism: The Rocks Were Alive

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Animism: The Rocks Were Alive


Posted on January 6, 2018

Rock giants! I’ve always known that rocks are alive. They just move at a much slower pace and crystals, well, they’re certainly alive.

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