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The Woods

I was six years old. A steep hill stood behind our house. I crossed a fallen tree trunk to get to the other side of a small, but strong-rushing creek. 926 more words


Fire, Blight, and Balor

Fires and more fires, blights, an ogam reading in a storm and more….thoughts over at paganbloggers:


The great spirit Wakan Tanka

Il grande spirito della terra si incarna in un nuovo orizzonte.
E’ il segreto guardiano dei nostri sogni.


Animism and Spiritual Warfare

Animism and Spiritual Warfare

Since the beginning of creation of the heavens and the earth and soon after creation of man and woman, there has been an ongoing war. 3,387 more words

What is Animism?

Animism in summary is a belief that some non-sentient objects such as rocks and plantation have a spirit which are significant within some human societies. It’s quite complex, but pretty cool. 455 more words

Anthropology Terms

Overcoming the Western Identity of the Divine

What is God? Rather, what image does the word God conjure in your mind? A man in the  clouds, with a beard and white robes perhaps? 1,287 more words


Honor the land, honor the dead

I found this while sorting through some older writing. I’m reposting it because it’s so incredibly relevant to some of the work I’m doing now.  732 more words