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Die Sonne stand seit Urzeiten für das Leben, das Licht und Fruchtbarkeit. Sie gab Schutz vor dem Dunkel der Nacht und machte eine Agrarkultur möglich. Das wussten auch vorchristliche Kulturen. 302 more words

Payments to your spirits and gods 

Your spirits and gods demand your payment as soon as they have delivered on their side of any deal made.
They do not care if you have other things going on in your life, if you are late in offering their payment they will send not-so-gentle reminders that you owe them. 260 more words


The Passage of Time and a King

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s well over a year that I’ve been on this island. But it has. The holiday of King Kamehameha the Great came around again last weekend, and we went back to the little town of Kapa’au for the parade, festival, and to see the leis and offerings at his statue. 79 more words

Respect the Mysteries

“When we bring mindful awareness to the simple activity of perception, we may notice that what draws our attention to things – what enables our senses to really engage and participate with them – is precisely the open and uncertain character of those things.

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Interanimism: A Brief Commentary

Hello again folks,

As a brief note, WordPress is telling me that today is my sixth year anniversary here at The Thought Forge. Hurray! It has been a pleasure writing for you all these years, and I hope to continue to do so into the future. 2,417 more words


Creolizing Language

We populate our LeftBrain language with nouns.
We populate our RightBrain relational verbs with objects,
with objectives,
cooperatively positive
and competitively mistrusted
as notnot double-binding negative. 157 more words

Reblog: The Blaze: A Fire Memoir

Image: Bonfire by Dheeraj Dwivedi. Some rights reserved.

“Fire is a hungry witness, and demands more of me than easy words and misery without accountability.”

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