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Bless This Breadmaker.

Recently, after many years of faithful service, the breadmaker my family gave us as an engagement present died. We were saving for a new one, but then my family surprised us again by getting us one as an anniversary present! 361 more words


Immigration To Cambodia Unlikely

Another suggestion, Cambodia. Now Cambodia, again a fascinating country, but it doesn’t look likely. I mean, unless we were able,(financially & otherwise) to go to Thailand for Healthcare. 228 more words

Immigration, Emigration

Dabbling with an Unsafe God

“…When the line pulls at your hand, when something breathes beside you in the darkness…it is always shocking to meet life where we thought we were alone.

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Reblog: The Mermaid’s Pool: A Water Memoir

Image credit: Mermaid by Ryan McCullah. Some rights reserved.

The only place I don’t feel monstrous is in the water. I am nine years old. I am overweight, clumsy, and taunted mercilessly at school.

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My 'emotional life of Tanzanians' theory, and animism

A while ago, I floated a theory about the emotional life of Tanzanians. It went something like this:

the hierarchical nature of society in Tanzania means people do not get practice at identifying and expressing their emotions, because they are expected to repress them and obey those who are over them. 445 more words

Written By Tamie

Is the sky falling, or do trees have spirits? I find out one day.

The huge silver maple in front of our house in the parking strip began shedding sections of trunk and branches. I might have thought the sky was falling, until I saw the entire road blocked by wood. 498 more words

To Think About

Shaping a Living World: Part 1

“In addition, there is a deeper and more profound change that is needed. Fundamentally, we believe that a change in spirit is required, one that fosters a new relationship between humanity and other species and Earth as a whole. 2,016 more words