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This Body, This World

Sex not Symbol

A FEW WEEKS AGO I was teaching Hesiod’s Theogony to my philosophy students. We were moving on to the Pre-Socratic philosophers next: being familiar with the mythopoetic worldview against which these early philosophers define themselves is necessary for really engaging with them. 2,831 more words


Fierce Jacques Monod

I have finally after many years started re-reading Monod’s Chance and Necessity. The title is from a quote by Democritus that “Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity.” (Of late I have been thinking that any animate intelligence only mitigates contingency and exploits chance; that is really about all life does). 679 more words

Doing Easy

An essay by William S. Boroughs:

DE is a way of doing. It is a way of doing everything you do. DE simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in DE.

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Idea #1 - Undercurrent

Undercurrent Scuba Diving School based in Falmouth, Cornwall. This company has an established and professional approach as there is quite a lot of competition within Falmouth itself.   307 more words


Tentative Call-Out for a Zine

Spending time in Yucca and Joshua Tree is like stepping into a time machine and setting the dial back by about, oh, 50 years. It’s a place full of hippies and new-agers and the otherwise mystically inclined, but perhaps most inspiring of all, it’s a very DIY-oriented place. 518 more words



I take a walk and look at the trees, the birds, the grass, the vegetation.. and I often think that nature, or I should put it Nature, is alive in a way most of us are not aware of. 812 more words


Animism: are we are all one?

Animism seems to be one of the hot topics on the occult blogs and podcasts at the moment. Having just worked through Graham Harvey’s Handbook of Contemporary Animism and Emma Restall Orr’s The Wakeful World to enhance my own understanding of the subject, i.e. 642 more words