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Urban Druidry

If you’ve not yet read this, check it out –

‘The Handbook of Urban Druidry – Modern Druidry for All’  - by Brendan Cowlin

http://www.moon-books.net/books/handbook-urban-druidry… 521 more words

To Rust Metallic Gods: An Anarcho-Primitivist Critique of Paganism

Most green anarchists of European ancestry have vehemently rejected the Abrahamic faiths of the Iron Age (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), for their divine hierarchies, their dominion theologies. 5,441 more words


Religion in Africa

The continent of Africa is home to many indigenous religions: Vodun, Ifá, Badimo, Dini Ya Misambwa, Ọdinani, and countless others. A century ago, these were the dominant faiths across the continent, but today, only about 10% of Africans practice an indigenous religion. 33 more words


ReWilding Poem

Here’s a rewilding poem for this vernal weekend.

I celebrate the return of the wolves

to California, the beavers to England,

The resurgence of the European bear… 153 more words


The Imperfection Religious Precept

The innate imperfection of all nature is a very beautiful thing. Blinding perfection does not exist, and that is a very good thing. There is no perfect standard to any sort of thing, and all instances of things in nature deviate from one another, yielding uniqueness and independent identity. 60 more words


Meanwhile in Balinese Avalon

The mist that carpeted the surrounding mountains crept into the lake, and the moisture laden breeze chilled our bones. The white sky reflected on the rippled water surface that became the canvas on which stood the lady of the lake. 469 more words


Essential Questions on Ecology & Decolonization

Personal Questions, Part I
Where does your water come from? Where does your food come from? Who makes the things you use? Under what conditions? Where does your poop go when you dispose of it? 569 more words