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Crafting Calendars

High days and holy days are one of the most pleasurable aspects of religious and spiritual practices. Festivals can have a variety of purposes, from simple celebrations marking the change of the seasons, to days given over to devotional activities for a particular deity or spirit. 860 more words


Alan Moore on Art and Magic

Yes. Remember that when I say that magic and art are equivalent, you should not construe that I am saying that magic is only art; that I’m in some way attempting to downplay magic by conflating it with something everyone believes is commonplace and possible.

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The Poison is the Medicine with Britta Love

Britta Love, a graduate of the Individualized MA who specialized in Consciousness Studies and Embodiment Studies, was recently interviewed on Goddard College’s radio station, WGDR, on the Magical Mystery Tour radio show. 41 more words


The Jötnar

This is a serious topic.  Many will not be ready to read this, being too firmly in the grip of such things.  In this post, I’ll be drawing from numerous traditions – contrary to what I said earlier in this blog (that I would keep this page strictly Anglo-centric) – but I’m only doing so to illustrate that humanity has been part of an all-out war for a very long time.  2,528 more words


Book Review - 'Wights and Ancestors, Heathenry in a Living Landscape' by Jenny Blain

Wights and Ancestors – Heathenry in a Living Landscape‘ was first published in 2000 and has now been reprinted in 2016 with additional essays. 437 more words


Book Review: I Shot the Buddha by Colin Cotterill---and a Giveaway!

I Shot the Buddha
A Dr. Siri Paiboun Mystery Set in Laos #11
Colin Cotterill
Soho Crime, August 2016
ISBN 978-1-61695-722-3

It’s 1979 in Laos. 336 more words

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anole powers

Just like the anole
in my own fashion

I can leave you behind as I drop my tale,
in the form of a story for the absorption… 84 more words