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Elowah Falls: Tears of the Singing Waters

After a rough night of grieving, I woke a little late and fired up the computer a little too soon to start working. I immediately jumped into juggling several important community-related things. 1,093 more words


Harvest Home

The Anglo-Saxon name for September translates into “holy month.” With how busy everyone would be during the harvest it is unlikely that they were able to hold any large festivals but obviously this was a very sacred time. 819 more words


interview with a shaman

Recently I was interviewed in my community. The text below documents that talk…

You are a Shaman?

What is a Shaman?
A Shaman is a conduit, an intermediary traversing between worlds. 1,037 more words


Animism on Netflix

I watched a documentary today on Netflix called Animism. Animism is the romantic attraction to inanimate objects. That is a layman’s definition as I know almost nothing about it and the DSM didn’t have it listed (at least not by the two names that I know it as). 1,361 more words


Tempest, My Love

This is the story of Tempest, whom I’ve praised here.  Tempest is a violin. Tempest has a body (my violin), but like most persons I know, she can project herself away from her body, and is indeed not limited to dwelling inside her body.   1,144 more words

My Life

The Ditzy Druid Travels: Return to the Heart of the Adirondacks 

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the Adirondack Mountains. I used to spend just about every weekend of my childhood summers swimming in lakes, fishing off docks, climbing small mountains, and hiking through forest trails.   586 more words