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Colonial Creation of Shaman Gender in Siberia

Yet another neglected gem about the creation of “Shamanism” by colonial Europeans, Wayward Shamans is so jampacked with fascinating information on far too many topics for me to acknowledge and one post, I will make do by offering this collection of quotations about different outsiders’ opinions, prejudices and biased observations of Siberian shamans gender. 3,435 more words


Please don't judge all anarchists because someone using that label is hurting you!

I’m really sorry that so many people have been disrespected and dismissed by someone claiming to be an anarchist. Your opinions and beliefs and lifestyles deserve to be respected as long as they do not inhibit the free choices of others or harm anyone . 5,325 more words



The fox spirit, Kitsune, is a mythical creature of Japanese folklore. Kitsune differs from the fox statues found at Shinto shrines which are Inari, a type of spirit revered in Shintoism, though over the centuries, the differentiation has become blurred. 58 more words


Safe Chlorella in the Godzilla Era

Two people in the last 24 hours asked me what brand of chlorella I take. Chlorella is a powerful health aide, especially for people with multiple chemical sensitivity because it draws out heavy metals as a gentle form of chelation. 1,264 more words


Nontoxic Skin and Healthcare: living eco-paganism

In a nature religion? Don’t poison your own body. That’s where nature starts! It’s where you have the greatest power as an eco-pagan. Because of having… 1,318 more words


I Talk to the Trees

But they don’t listen to me. Would they talk back if I believed in tree spirits? Animism is the opposite of atheism. “Animism encompasses the belief that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical world., and that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in animals, plants, and all living things as well as rocks, mountains, rivers, and other geographical features.” … 679 more words

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Wellness Wednesdays: Make Room for Joy

I am still in a declutter and discard frenzy. The photographer is coming Tuesday for photographs and then the house gets put on the market. 663 more words