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Not Far Removed : Meditation on the Animal Spirit-Gods

Burn out can be a problem for anyone who works, lives, and breathes anything. Once in a long while I tend to feel the simmer of burnt out and it takes me a cool down period to regain what I had burnt away. 278 more words


The Ones You Love

People you love
build a small house for you,
cover the dirt floor with hay,
hook a long chain to the cowhide
that circles your throat, 474 more words


What is religion? Animism and Magic: Frazer

Here is the second half of the first theory of religion paraphrased from D.L. Pals work Eight Theories of Religion. James George Frazer (1854-1941) provides the compliment to Tylor. 663 more words


Machete Boy, traditional masquerades, The Gambia, West Africa

The three boys turned up with a couple of rice sacks, a bunch of leafy branches, and what looked like a few scraps of bright red fabric. 44 more words

West Africa

Religion and the Personification Cycle: Morning Thoughts of an Indie Documentary Director

This Blog was intended to begin housing the musings, rants, and ramblings that resulted from the filmmakers research and performing the intense ceremonies of the Lakota. 378 more words



Amidst the smell of grass pissed over by coyotes,
gullies replete with insect spirits,
plants mocking menorahs,
sounds of animals that doubted my existence,
I was a rusty road sign that couldn’t read itself.


What is religion? Animism and Magic: Tylor

As point of exercising the memory, I will paraphrase, while determined to keep each entry short,  Daniel L. Pals’ book Eight Theories of Religion (2006).  For those that study religion, the answer to the question “what is religion?”, is an elusive one. 442 more words