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Walls, Taxonomies, Spills

Boundaries are often good things, walls sometimes, sometimes not. Walls are much in the US news of late, with a would be demagogue loudly proclaiming the need to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and another would be president imbecile saying it’s worthwhile to explore building one between the US and Canada. 492 more words


magpies, eyes on the back of your head, and fear.

I love being swooped and harried by Magpies because their behaviour marks Springtime. (and the warmth is great cause to celebrate)
Out of the rest of the year, Magpies morph from a placid bird with a melodious song to one that becomes feisty, raucous, fierce: protective. 212 more words


A long time ago, there were scientists that understood earths geology. at one time, they wanted to explain this to uneducated people, who were scared by earthquakes and volcanic activity. 153 more words


Words about words about magic, and the idea of magic, as an alphabet is a kind of weaving and mysterious interlacement of characters that are marked in modern times, and meaning that is embedded far deeper than the letters themselves; it’s the breathing of them, the marking of them, that says something to the other forces in the world. 1,487 more words


Beasties, animated, to be

Whereas it’s been long since a post. Whereas we’re all about repurposing here. And whereas I resist going back to work on a panel proposal. Herewith, the juicy bits from a grant proposal, wherein The Poet Asks for $$ to Learn to Flash Adobe. 385 more words


Baba Jaga, the Black Shaman

Phoenix of Elder Mountain – In Slavic folklore there are many stories of Baba Yaga, the fearsome one, the one so powerful she see’s the hideousness in others, and this makes it far too intense to look upon her. 1,347 more words

Artist Residency

Carpathian Shamans - Ukraine Hutsul & Polish Whisperer's Magical Rites

A Molfar (мольфа́р) is a Carpathian Shaman in the indigenous traditions of the Hutsul (Ukrainia) culture. Called “witch” in certain eras, these Shamans have magical gifts and sacred abilities that tend focus on healing, seership, herbalism and relations with nature. 896 more words