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Is Spinoza an analogist, naturalist or ... animist? - A pocket memo...

As a part of my ‘pocket research design 2‘, I am reading Descola’s Beyond Nature and Culture (see my selective pocket summary in progress… 970 more words

Can We Reason With Nature?

Time Out Anyone..........?

Awoke this morning with my head still spinning from a busy week heavily involved with societal norms.
I need a day to slow right down and ground myself in reality. 512 more words


Put Reason Back to Sleep

“The future will have a place for neither faith nor reason.”

From Christopher Scott Thompson

Surrealist Prophecies #1

“It was in the black mirror of anarchism that surrealism first recognised itself.”

926 more words

The Past Reached Forward and Touched Me

The past caught up with me recently. You see, when I became a chaos magician in 1997, I found that by far the biggest counterbalance to British-flavoured chaos magic was the zee-list and its associated loosely-knit mostly online not-quite-a-community called the… 296 more words

Positive Materialism and Animism

My house is full of amazing good vibes. It’s old and it’s beautiful with a history that goes back over 100 years. It seeps into all of us, that good energy. 710 more words


Postmodern Geographers and Imaginal Landscapes

THE LINK BETWEEN mind, imagination and landscape has been celebrated by some eminent geographers. As geographer historian John Kirtland Wright (1891-1969) once commented; “The most fascinating terrae incognitae of all are those that lie within the minds and hearts of men”. 1,269 more words


Gods of Shade and Shadow

So here’s the thing, the solar gods and I, we don’t really hang out.

It’s not that I don’t like them or anything.

They’re great folks. 261 more words