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where earth came to rest

That Saturday morning I woke up with the itch (quicker than anticipated) and went back into the workroom. I had in mind to start with my finfolken cord per usual but it just didn’t feel right. 336 more words

Musings & Other Randomness

The three witches


Sculpture meditation on the mystical power of three, drawing from an aura of polytheism and animism.

A Sense of Place

I think place is the best place to start:

Where I live, it’s not easy to be an animist. No, I don’t live somewhere where everyone is ultra-Christian or anything like that. 396 more words


kingdoms of the idol

Isaiah 10:5-11

5 Oy! Assyria, the rod of my anger, and that staff in their hand is my wrath! 6 I am sending him against a secular nation, and I am commanding him to fight against the people of my wrath, to capture spoil and to carry off plunder, and to make him a trampling place, like clay on streets. 501 more words


Sukothai: Ruins from the "Dawn of Happiness"

Sukothai has to be my favorite place that I have visited thus far in Thailand. If you are a fan of archaeology and history, as well as riding your bikes and nature hikes, this is the place for you. 504 more words


"A Deed Without a Name": Spirit Possession, Sacred Service, and Sedna--OR, I Get By With a Little Help from my Helping Spirits

“I don’t get it,” Dan, my Bodacious Beau™, said as we carefully stepped our way across city blocks of ice-coated Chicago Park District sidewalk prior to descending to our subway platform this morning. 1,946 more words


Tana Toraja

It’s strange that the first funeral I’ve ever attended was for someone I didn’t know, whose family I don’t know, and yet I was welcomed as an honored guest.Tana Toraja (“land of the Toraja”) in Sulawesi is renowned for its rich cultural traditions, including distinctive architecture and elaborate funerals, which continue to this day. 573 more words