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Electrifying Medicine Pt. 1 - Stingrays and Storms

Onxyfeld, Late Winter 1872

Many of you are familiar with the lamentably popular 1818 piece of pulp named Frankenstein. Unknown to most, what it actually chronicles is how at the turn of the 18th century, one of my creations went missing and for reasons best known to itself, wandered off into the Arctic tundra (not the smartest one of the batch). 975 more words

Medical History

Meeting New Spirits

It’s been over four months since we moved up here on the north coast of the island (how did the time go by so quickly?). Settling in a very rural place where the soundscape is punctuated with the calls of roosters, frogs (invasive coquis from Puerto Rico) among other things. 245 more words

Thoughts on Science, Animism, and Cheap Detergent

Today I’m going to talk a bit about myself. But first, I must let you in on a little secret– I SUCK at math and science. 737 more words


A portion of this was originally published on my blog The Forks Poems.

It’s true that the dark days can make us appreciate the bright ones more. 765 more words

Nightmares and Hawaiian Stones

In my last post I shared the legend of Pele’s curse: the belief that taking lava rocks or sand from volcanos in Hawaii (especially Kilauea) brings bad luck because of the goddess Pele’s anger. 712 more words


The road thus far...

Hello!! It’s been a long time since I blogged online (I may be dating myself, but I believe it was a Live Journal), but I wanted to kick it off again and share some of my experiences. 765 more words

Ancestor Work