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If you’ve stumbled across this page, you’re likely either interested in Anglo-Saxon culture and spirituality, or you’re wanting to learn about intuitive, natural religion (“shamanism”) from a West Germanic perspective.  2,113 more words



A white vase,

Shaped like an hourglass

Cut in half and overturned

Its never held sand but it can

Tell time like everything I’ve ever seen… 65 more words

only one place for sacrifice

Leviticus 17:1-7

Lev 17:1 And Yahveh spoke to Moses, and this is what he said,
Lev 17:2 “Speak to Aaron and his sons and to all the people of Israel and say to them, this is the thing that Yahveh has commanded when he said, 339 more words


Spirits and Witchcraft

Somewhere along the way, humankind lost its connection to the spirit world. The majority of modern magical theory is based upon the magic as a science concept, with much less emphasis upon spirit work. 630 more words


Wildcamping in Afan Forest

A day of cycling brought me to Maesteg. A strange town, it was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and I felt a bit lost here. I was catcalled by some Men, this made me feel vulnerable. 1,531 more words

Rhiannon Restoration Pagan Prison Support: what I do/offer

this was actually an email to somebody about what’s going on with the prison pagan program I do from my bed while recovering from Lyme disease and babesiosis/malaria. 2,016 more words


Hoodoo Christianity & Snake Oil Salesmen: Reconstruction, Urbanization & Degeneration

Mojo workin’ : the old African American Hoodoo system by Katrina Hazzard-Donald, University of Illinois  BUY THIS BOOK!!! It’s the best American history book.

The end of Reconstruction and withdrawal of federal troops from the South after 1877 left most African Americans at the mercy of local white citizens, many of whom were former slave owners. 2,681 more words