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Decorations on the wall
tell the story, one and all
everything you’ve ever done
watch the drama and the fun
mistakes, heroics and your fears… 44 more words



The extraordinary effect of Spring on my energy and psyche ought really to astonish me less than the fact that it surprises at all. How much must I have become alienated from the other elements of this world to be surprised that I share in and am affected by seasons (not just the waxing and waning of light but also the death and rebirth, retrenchment and outgrowth, and so on) to a great extent?

The fly

I was viewing Fishing for Souls, a 1614 oil on panel painting by the Dutch Golden Age artist Adriaen van de Venne, at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum today. 365 more words


Brian Taylor R.I.P.

I was sorry to hear, belatedly, of the news that Brian Taylor of the Animist Jottings blog passed away earlier this year. Brian’s approach to things wasn’t one I resonated with at the level of spiritual kinship but he took seriously many of the same mysteries I take seriously; especially when it comes to the relationship of the human to birds and butterflies. 12 more words


Science and Religion in Society Today

Imagine a world where everyone agreed that we “make gods in our own image.”

Several things would happen:

The first is from a psychological point of view, since animism and anthropomorphism can be interpreted as the result of an unconscious projection of what we know into that which we think shares the same knowledge as us. 919 more words


Just what it is
That resides here
I know not
Yet my eyes
Fill with tears

~ Saigyo


A Prayer for Waking

Hail to the sun and the cloud in the sky,
Hail to the wind and the sea,
Hail to the mountain, the valley, the field, 35 more words