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Anthropology Friday: The Life and Adventures of William Buckley, pt 2

Welcome back to Anthropology Friday, The Life and Adventures of William Buckley, 32 years among the Aborigines.

To be fair, Buckley was not an anthropologist. 3,235 more words


An Intolerant Mind: Why Tolerance Threatens Coexistence

When we coexist with wolves, we create an empathic relation in which the other’s needs are valued as our own. We see that through trophic cascade, wolves make healthy ecosystems and cleaner rivers and purer air for our children. 919 more words

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A beautiful piece about the option of being connected or being less compassionate strangers- and the real point of the poem that says "good fences make good neighbors" (I don't think people have read the poem as its point is that they DON'T.)

More Gaelic German Mythology Crossover

Balderich (“prince ruler”), a giant in the Baltic Sea on the Island of Rugen, was frustrated with having to wade to the mainland of┬áPomerania. He decided to connect the island with the continent. 315 more words


Video of the Week: Life after the Earthquake

I am highlighting a different kind of video this week than the normal podcast or video on missions practice. Create International’s latest animated short film is a contextualized gospel presentation for the Naxi people of Asia. 231 more words


Extinction Remembrance Day

November 30th is Remembrance Day for Lost Species. I believe commemorations like this can be channels for the grief that any authentic living in this time must confront. 493 more words

Heather and Simbi Hissing in a Tree....

Today is Papa Simbi’s Day, the Haitian lwa my mother brought home unknown to her so he could be with me. When I was 15 my mother was visiting Haiti as a liberation theologian and it just so happened that a revolution occurred. 1,613 more words


Scientific Animism Guided Visualization (book)

Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia by Stephan Harding

This is one of my favorite books. There’s nothing like it. Accurate science understood in different ways. 321 more words