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May Update

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I’m sitting on a bench, happy that the stream that has been dry lately, except for a few diminishing pools, the last hideout for the frogs, has water again. 57 more words

Spirit Animals by Running Elk

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This post is based on the outline of an exploration session presented at The Silent Eye  (a modern mystery school) “ 498 more words



ancestral angels

administer secretly

animist sacraments

pointing out paths

of safe passage

through ritual

hewn iconography

boldly inscribes

old growth timber

staid canvas to render… 79 more words



By the sand and pebble shore there’s a cliff,

Yellow ochre, at it’s base a narrow margin of sandy turf.

This place sings with a quiet light infused voice. 168 more words


Reanimating the world

“Ah! there you are!” I exclaimed to a flat bean and plucked it gently while looking for more. The colour of the beans blends ever so perfectly with the leaves, that they seem to be playing an eternal hide-and-seek with anyone interested in harvesting them. 554 more words


Honoring the Spirits of Buildings.

I’m petsitting for Parents and Sister this weekend. Cat Sister and Grumpy Tortoise are not particularly demanding charges however, so I’ve had some time to chill out and think about stuff. 789 more words


What OS is Teaching Me

I’ve never felt more thoroughly animist in my life than from the moment I got in Hutch’s driver’s seat almost two months ago. The ways in which my relationship with him resembles that between any other humans never ceases to surprise me – I guess, like anyone longing for someone from afar for so long, and then finally having them, I started off pretty woo. 1,119 more words