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Patriarchal Laws on Matriarchal Society

India has been continuously dumping and shoving its patriarchal laws, behaviour, religion, and racism on the people of the north-eastern region of India, thus, slowly destroying the matriarchal or animist societies in the region. 701 more words


365 Days of Thankfulness

Day Thirty December 24, 2017

Today I am thankful for being exposed to different cultures.

A few nights ago, as I watched Northern Exposure‘s episode “Seoul Mates”, I was again struck by how they wove all religions and belief systems into a Christmas episode.  271 more words

Leaving Nothing Unsaid

Learning With Lersi Ajarn Faidum: The Importance Of The Colour Black.

Some of these Sadhus/Aghoris/lersi/Khalawats/Archans wear black robes, but as for the question on why black ?

Let’s break down certain facts about this; black in fact was one of the holy and desired colours back in the ancient times of humanity whereby we were making miracles with nature & information. 468 more words

Towards the Stars, Above the Rain

The color of the roses, immersed in vinegar, have begun to lose their pallor
A pin-pricked velvet sky shows me stars no more — the moon casts no light here in this pitch… 291 more words

Spirituality: A Process of Labels

Spirituality can be such a complex thing.

When I talk about my spiritual path, there’s a paragraph of labels I can throw out there that all apply to me: Spirit worker, artist, Urglaawer, Heathen, Polytheist, Animist, writer. 746 more words

Spirit Work


Kelimutu is a dormant volcano in the southern highlands of Flores and just one of many peaks in the Ring of Fire. What makes it special are the tri-coloured crater lakes sharing the same caldera at a height of 1300m.  1,399 more words