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Dragon & Thunderbird Drums

Crow Nation, Native American – Buffalo Shield with Flying Dragon

Pawnee, Native American – Ceremonial Thunderbird & Lightening Drum

Shamanic Dances of Romania

Romanian ancient traditions of Dances of Goat, Bear and Creatures called Capra of the Winter Solstice and New Years and are done to clear out shadows and dark spirits. 234 more words

Giving Offerings to Deity

In one of the rune readings that I received, I was told that I needed to start giving offerings. I normally think of offerings as what I do in service to my Gods, but he suggested offerings of food specifically on my altar at least once a week. 231 more words


Emma Restall Orr on the ancestors

“The dead fall from awareness only when they are forgotten, so the practising animist acknowledges the ancestors with gratitude and open-heartedness, each and every day – whenever a task is to be done, whenever an old tool is lifted, a skill used, an old pathway walked. 89 more words


Tigers in Tokyo

I call this 13,000 year old shaman’s effigy, the “Heart of the Ancient Tiger” because it has a special meaning for me. I have a very good buddhist, scientist and professional cellist friend from Tokyo, and although I had never had a dreaming with him before (the past twenty years) while he lived in the US, I recently did, only after he returned to Tokyo.  1,171 more words