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Kelimutu is a dormant volcano in the southern highlands of Flores and just one of many peaks in the Ring of Fire. What makes it special are the tri-coloured crater lakes sharing the same caldera at a height of 1300m.  1,399 more words


Aborigines: What can they teach us?

It has been suggested that Australian Aborigines are primitive and uneducated; animists who uses ritual to win the favour of the spirits controlling food, shelter, and fertility and to ward off malevolent spirits. 937 more words

Mist (haiku) 

Nascent mist dispersed

Objects of nature thus unseen

Blurring my thoughts


Snowflakes (Jorio) 

Snowflakes on glass pane

A sense of calmness

Whiff of frozen wind

Swirling up my secrets


Ocean Tides (Jorio) 

Ocean tides rising upwards

Magically increases the heartbeat

Breeze cooling the blues

And rejuvenates the soul

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At the seashore, the luscious waves rise like an increasing heartbeat thus creating a magical symphony. The water moves back and forth, kisses the land, turns back as that of a girl chasing her lover. 47 more words