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Ajarn Udom and My First Sak Yant

AJ Udom was born a difficult child to take care of. With no choice, his parents had to give him up for adoption.
Since young, AJ Udom is able to see and sense spirits among us. 325 more words

Patriarchal Laws on Matriarchal Society

India has been continuously dumping and shoving its patriarchal laws, behaviour, religion, and racism on the people of the north-eastern region of India, thus, slowly destroying the matriarchal or animist societies in the region. 701 more words


365 Days of Thankfulness

Day Thirty December 24, 2017

Today I am thankful for being exposed to different cultures.

A few nights ago, as I watched Northern Exposure‘s episode “Seoul Mates”, I was again struck by how they wove all religions and belief systems into a Christmas episode.  271 more words

Leaving Nothing Unsaid

Learning With Lersi Ajarn Faidum: The Importance Of The Colour Black.

Some of these Sadhus/Aghoris/lersi/Khalawats/Archans wear black robes, but as for the question on why black ?

Let’s break down certain facts about this; black in fact was one of the holy and desired colours back in the ancient times of humanity whereby we were making miracles with nature & information. 473 more words

Towards the Stars, Above the Rain

The color of the roses, immersed in vinegar, have begun to lose their pallor
A pin-pricked velvet sky shows me stars no more — the moon casts no light here in this pitch… 291 more words

Spirituality: A Process of Labels

Spirituality can be such a complex thing.

When I talk about my spiritual path, there’s a paragraph of labels I can throw out there that all apply to me: Spirit worker, artist, Urglaawer, Heathen, Polytheist, Animist, writer. 746 more words

Spirit Work