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For the Best

If you have something you want to know, ask me. If you want to say something to me, please do that. If you miss me, think about why it is that we don’t speak anymore. 79 more words


The Stack-2/15/17

I’ll keep the opening banter to a minimum this week, since I’ll be making another post right after this one that will tie into what I want to discuss, and it will hopefully make up for the lack of anything on Sunday. 711 more words


Road Trips and the Apocalypse 

I’m on the road for a bit, so some of the usual style for On the Shelf is being set aside — like a comic that you simply had to buy and then tossed aside onto your ever-growing stack of books to read. 395 more words

On The Shelf

January 2017 Previews

I thought I was ready to pre-order my comics and then I took another look at the January 2017 Previews catalog.  Some months there is nothing much and I desperately search for interesting and new.   764 more words


Happy Uposatha- Planted Seeds

I often find myself wondering, doubting the efficacy of my practices and asking myself why it is that I’m seemingly not getting any kinder. And yet, there are days like this one that give me the verification I need. 179 more words


Embrace Family

“Forgiveness is not overrated . . . Why? . . . because walking around with animosity towards another, holding a grudge against someone for years, allowing bitterness, resentment to take residence within ones soul combined with built up anger is the most deadliest  venom to a person’s spirit and their destiny. 

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BCP Pull List - Top Picks for 21st December 2016

We know how difficult it can be these days to keep track of all the fantastic comics hitting the shelves of your local comic shop 776 more words

Dark Horse Comics