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it writhes,

never subsides,

cauldron pot spills,

all tears and fears a mosaic on the floor,

hope to hate;

hope to survive

in damaging your existence further, 25 more words


My everlasting soul

2015, desierto, the south,

colinas, polvo en los ojos,


Denso en carretera,

los reflejos de las carrocerías me tocan los cojones.

Veinticuatro en na, 30 more words

A letter to God..

Source: https://thejugglestruggle.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/writing-with-pen.jpg

Dear God,

Most of us tend to remember you only when we are in trouble. Whether it is praying the night before a major event in our lives like an exam, an interview, a marriage or ridiculing you if something doesn’t go as planned, we tend to voice our angst all the time. 317 more words

My Thots And Scribbles

The difference between pro-choice and pro-life

Pro-choice creates animosity between the mother and her unborn child.

Pro-life creates harmony between the mother and her unborn child.

Corrosion of Conformity-The good old days

Corrosion of conformity were one of the best crossover acts of the 80’s. A great blend of hardcore and thrash. I think their finest moment was 1985’s Animosity. 61 more words

Reasons for Things

My last blog had an incredible background. It was all galaxy themed, and it was just so cool looking. However, it didn’t mean anything to me. 225 more words

Conflict is the Bane of My Existence

I hate conflict.

I don’t use the word lightly. Hate is a strong word. There are many things I dislike, some with a passion, but hate is reserved for a select few things. 544 more words