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Review: Keith Richards One Woman Show reveals more about us than it does the Rolling Stone

“If I stay awake one more day I’ll practically be Keith Richards,” says the character of Mona, early into The Keith Richards One Woman Show. 807 more words


"And her weapon of choice is a red-patterned dress..."

At the time he was making his first solo album Heartbreaker in 2000, Ryan Adams was still fully in thrall to Amy Lombardi — who he once told me was “my… 116 more words

Candy (1968)

Candy is a naive, doe-eyed school girl with long blond hair and a luscious, tempting body who fell from the sky….

… and that’s all you need to know before going on to watch in bewildered amusement – and amazement – as Candy embarks on a journey of discovery, meets strange people, is unwittingly(?) seduced into sexy encounters by cunning men who manipulate her using all kinds of tricks; to which Candy succumbs because she is a nice girl and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings. 523 more words

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Representation of Women in 'Blow Up!', 'Performance' and 'A Clockwork Orange'

The 1960s were a breakthrough in British cinema, exhibiting themes of violence, sexuality and substance abuse never before witnessed in film. Though there was a fairly large feminist movement at the time, many of the films still present a misogynistic view on women. 677 more words


Life by Keith Richards

 Sex. Drugs. Rock. Roll. Other musicians did all these before Keith Richards. But by any measure, using those four words as a template, he has done a bit. 351 more words

Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg - mehr als nur eines dieser Rock Chicks

Wo sind sie hin? Die Damen, die so vielen Rockstars, Modeschöpfern und Künstlern als Inspirationsquelle dienten. Ihr Wesen, ja ihre bloße Erscheinung, ein Lächeln, ein Wort, ein Ohrring. 467 more words

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Brian Jones - A Rock 'n' Roll Dandy

Brian Jones; an eccentric, decadent, creative, fashionable, extravagant and intelligent person was the soul of The Rolling Stones. As much as he was famous for his musical accomplishments and visionary ideas regarding The Stones, Brian Jones had a peculiar fashion style, and became a style icon of the 1960s as important as Marianne Faithfull, Twiggy, Pattie Boyd or Jane Birkin were. 1,209 more words

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