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The End of an Era: Censure of Neutral Politics in Turkey

By now we’ve all heard of the most recent bout of witch hunts in Turkey, this time rooting out “supporters” of the July 16 coup attempt.   607 more words


The Hierarchy of Hospitals

I chose my doctor based off of recommendations from an in-law – and a bit of online research done by a sister-in-law confirming that her past patients were all extremely satisfied with her work.   1,131 more words


Formulaic Pre-Wedding Celebrations: Turkish Henna Night

First off, I realize it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything – like a month.  I’m still in Ankara, still waiting for the baby, and still have things to talk about :)  However, I’ve also been really busy this past month – despite not going to USAK every day.   778 more words


METU Student Center || Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects

Dear Diary,

In treating the design of the anticipated Student Center and the METU campus square together with their immediate surroundings, the fundamental decision taken for the project was to efface the boundary that would form between them. 874 more words


Not Quite Xinjiang's Security Forces

Urumqi, 2012: after mysterious incomplete news reports of “terrorist activities” hitting small towns in the regions interiors and an unconfirmed gunning at a local police station ( 380 more words