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METU Student Center || Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects

Dear Diary,

In treating the design of the anticipated Student Center and the METU campus square together with their immediate surroundings, the fundamental decision taken for the project was to efface the boundary that would form between them. 874 more words


Not Quite Xinjiang's Security Forces

Urumqi, 2012: after mysterious incomplete news reports of “terrorist activities” hitting small towns in the regions interiors and an unconfirmed gunning at a local police station ( 380 more words


On Our Generation's Cold War (And the Second Bombing in Ankara)

Last night another car bomb went off in Ankara.  It sounded like thunder – either hailing the rain that came this morning in a quiet, grey drizzle or the greater storm to come.   463 more words


Fragments of Dikmen

My husband’s family has lived in Dikmen for over half a century.  His grandfather built the first apartment building (three floors, two flats on each floor) on the hill.   438 more words


The Other Syrian Situation

Earlier this week my mother-in-law warned me about going for a walk in Dikmen Valley, the long Italy-shaped park that runs through the center of Ankara, because there are some Syrian families camped out in half-demolished houses across the new bridge from the valley’s upper end.   1,378 more words


An Oasis

I discovered a park the other day. I use “discovered” like Christopher Columbus discovered America, loosely….

The park is actually a couple blocks behind my apartment, but I never go that direction. 412 more words