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“Adequate” Amount of Graft Boosts Success in Foot/Ankle Fusion

A therapeutic Level II study by DiGiovanni et al.  in the August 3, 2016 edition of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery examined the relationship between successful foot/ankle fusions and the amount of graft material used.  224 more words


I have a bicycle dress

and it has pockets.

and my shoes have gold tips.

and I have a grin.

I am also wearing a bike ring.

because I don’t believe in doing thing halfway. 12 more words

The Importance of Learning to Relax and Let Injuries Heal

So, relaxing isn’t really something I’m good at.  Which is a really bad trait to have when I’m injured.  I hurt my ankle in October and what likely would have been a quick healing injury has turned into something much worse and long-lasting because I didn’t give it the chance to heal properly. 808 more words

Posterior Ankle Impingement

Many causes can determinate a posterior ankle impingement and its diagnosis may be often difficult.

The MR imaging shows a clear picture of synovial reaction… 56 more words

Paolo Minafra

I Fell Off A Ladder.....

Hey y’all! Today I was supposed to go to work, but as you can tell from the title of this post, I fell off a ladder. 225 more words

Pride does not come before a fall...or after it

Remember my last post where I warbled on about being the new girl and trying to fit in without making a complete and utter arse of myself? 823 more words


A warm up routine (Part 1)

It’s been cold in Sydney lately. On the way to badminton my car’s thermometer read 13C (about 57F) and I was wearing shorts. My hands were cold and my joints felt stiff. 312 more words