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Your Ankles Need These...

If you’re the kind of rider who does big drops and/or have ankles that have seen better days, then Mike Gray‘s Space Braces should be on your go-to list. 75 more words


5 Moves to Use on the Pitch

For all the lovers of the game called soccer, this blog post is for you. If your routine on the pitch is getting too old and unoriginal, keep reading. 416 more words


I know, not a fancy title lol. But it gets to the point!

I’ve rarely (knock on wood) hurt an ankle and the “injury” didn’t last beyond the first pangs of pain but wow, did it hurt. 834 more words



Well won’t you look at that, it’s the weekend! Another eventful week has passed but today was a pretty standard friday.

Lecture first thing on embryology of the musculoskeletal system (a lot less interesting than it sounds). 163 more words

Life Of A Student

Squat Fix 101 Series: Sam Richardson, Beginner

A little background information on this week’s Squat Fix: Sam is new mother just getting back to the gym, she currently has no competitive strength or physique goals but would like to get back in shape and is using the squat as a tool to do so. 926 more words


Ankle allies

I have been looking through a number of websites for advice on how to improve my ankle  strength and flexibility. One site that I found particularly inspiring came from  416 more words

Adult Figure Skating


In my complacency
And desire to be loved
I, in a time past, allowed others

To tie

Their defintions
To my ankles,
My hands.
I allowed them… 26 more words