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August 17th National I Love My Feet Day

How often do you think about your feet? Are you even able to see them anymore? If not, they probably hurt, a lot.

Even if you can see them, they probably still hurt. 226 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre


Drifting in absinthe
Green fairies giggle with glee
Tickling my ankles

Haiku Horizons prompt ‘lock’

Haikuhorizon Lock

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Basketball player mercilessly crossed a kid out of his shoes

Larry Williams is a professional street basketball player, known as “Bone Collector.” He put that nickname to good use during a visit to a basketball camp in China. 169 more words


Future Fashion Regrets #4

What has Cary Grant spinning in his grave? Men in suits without socks. How anyone has ever fallen for this trend is a mystery for the ages. 53 more words

The continuing saga of my stupid right ankle

My ankles have never been good. I’ve always had a tendency to twist them more often than seems reasonable. After noticing they hurt more than usual (as did my wrists and hips) and after whinging about this to P, he gently suggested that it might not be normal, even for me, and that I might want to go to the doctor. 551 more words


time becomes uranium

He takes a cigarette and puts it down on the

sidewalk, by his sisters head.

she pretends that she doesn’t see it,

that it is an invisible package of… 35 more words

A tragic tale of self-employment

I started working for myself this past March. Despite the abysmal pay and lack of traditional employer benefits, it’s the flyest gig ever. I may not get health insurance or paid vacation days, but my boss sure is understanding. 1,049 more words