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Why Ankles Swell

Many people suffer from swollen ankles. Here are some of this condition’s common causes.

Understanding and Treating Broken Ankles

Symptoms of a broken angle are similar to a sprain, so it is essential to have a foot X-ray as soon as possible. Break severity may also affect treatment.

How To Use The R-I-C-E Method To Quickly Get Rid Of Swollen Ankles, Legs And Feet

Edema is the swelling that appears on your legs, feet and ankles after a flight or a long day of standing on your feet. Edema is generally completely natural, but sometimes, it may indicate a serious medical issue. 44 more words

The inner dialogue of the assured

We have stood too long enough
on this ground where our ankles
sink. Even our, now shaky knees,
are no longer visible.
They have burrowed their vision… 94 more words

Meet @Kikiilynn The 2016 Twitch Rookie Of The Year.

BEFORE we hand out the Twitch 2016 Rookie Of The Year Award…Let’s give some background info…

Kiana Lynn Torres was born on July 30, 1995… 1,379 more words

Mobility Prescription for R2R Standard #4

Hey Folks!  Hope everyone’s keeping warm. If you haven’t tried our squat assessment we posted here last weekend, check it out. If you find yourself lacking in the ability to squat well once or multiple times over the course of 4 minutes, we’ve got some help on our YouTube channel today. 7 more words

Sleep Deprived Writing