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Coronet Double Offset Stirrups

Hi Friends!  I want to hear what you think about double offset stirrups!

Received these Coronet Stirrups as a present, and have used them for just a little while now.  337 more words


19th Century Adult films

Ankle Exposed Ladies:

Lord Finklemyer: Ms. Mary, your ankles are exposed!

Ms. Mary: I know, your Lordship! Do you like it?

Lord Finklemyer: No! This is the 18th Century! 106 more words

Kim Kardashian Paid $300 For Plastic Sandals

Oh, Kim Kardashian…she’s never really made the greatest of fashion choices. If you need proof, check out this see-through top she was sporting a couple of months ago with a full-on pregnant belly! 96 more words


Life lessons from a little girl

I was taught an important lesson by a little girl the other day. She came hurtling down a hill towards me on a kickbike.  I immediately felt terror in my gut: what if she fell? 454 more words


Hahaha So My Life

Or currently in my case my ankle. Oh wait both of my knees and ankles are bad. I have no good ones left.


Turning Challenges into Opportunities

This week’s lesson with Mini-Me is keeping your chin up when the chips are down. Mini-Me was on the track of having a super soccer season. 486 more words