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Floating Ankles

At work, I learned that people with spinal injuries need their ankles floated when they lie down. That means that the pillow should be under the calves of the patients, with the top of the ankle just touching the pillow, not necessarily under the feet. 20 more words


Last October I fell in love with a german boy, lost in my city.
We didn’t speak much, conversation was diluted to its purest form, fingers pointing and vague inclinations of the head. 252 more words


Ode to fat-lady-cankles

I thought cankles were only for old hags
For obese, ugly crones and nags
But I’ve got them now
And I feel like a cow…

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For SwellNoMore Pill Reduces Puffy Eyes Swollen Feet Ankles

The Humble Potato – Similar to the Cucumber treatment above, strips of thinly sliced raw potato (rinsed in cold water before use) can be placed over the closed… 319 more words

The Few Days Since...

July 21st – 24th, 2015

Well,… I was rushed to the hospital. It didn’t start that way actually. As I sat there with my right leg in hand, screaming, what I think we’re words… 3 other co-workers came running.

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Muscle twitching everywhere

Over the past two weeks I have developed random muscle/nerve twitching in mostly my face, knees and ankles. But today is the first day where there has been consistent twitching in some part of my body every 5 minutes. 90 more words

Unbreakable: Strengthening your ankles for derby

I have seen three skaters from three different leagues break their ankles during a bout in the last two months. Injuries are

nothing new for derby players. 439 more words

Roller Derby