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This past week I’ve been introduced to a new hurdle.

I had my cast removed last Tuesday and am now equipped with an aircast and a series of exercises to do. 446 more words


The Clouds up in the Sky are a Cliché

Fast seagulls penetrate the sky
Downtown traffic, golden rooftops
Oh! Her legs! Thin ankles
Those cars look like they are in a hurry
There’s no point in wasting time… 72 more words


Why you are not a doctor

I had my University meet and since the team of my school was incomplete, I had 5 events (when the most I do is 2), divided in 2 days. 1,442 more words

El Salvador

Ricky Rubio Wears Ice Skates

Ricky Rubio ice skated his way out of position while attempting to defend the “Lumberjack South-Paw”, James Harden last night in Houston.

Rubio’s ankles were last seen yesterday around 8pm Eastern time, they are now officially reported missing and as every police procedural tv show has ever taught us, the first 48 hours of a missing person case are the MOST critical.

Casey S. Gutting

Build Stronger Feet and Ankles

Written by: Ted Parker

Key exercises to get (and stay) pain-free

Because the feet and ankles are so vital to our ability to run, it’s important to take the time to strengthen and stretch them. 512 more words

Ankle Sprains - Putting your Best Foot Forward

Musts following any ankle sprain.

Ankle sprains are very common among young and old  alike.  There are many different types and vary depending on the type and severity of the mechanism of injury. 331 more words


My Ankles Are So PO'd At Me Right Now

My husband is just the best. Not only did research my Pinterest boards to find me the coziest, prettiest sweater for Christmas, but he also got me some spikes. 470 more words