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Kim Kardashian Paid $300 For Plastic Sandals

Oh, Kim Kardashian…she’s never really made the greatest of fashion choices. If you need proof, check out this see-through top she was sporting a couple of months ago with a full-on pregnant belly! 96 more words


Life lessons from a little girl

I was taught an important lesson by a little girl the other day. She came hurtling down a hill towards me on a kickbike.  I immediately felt terror in my gut: what if she fell? 454 more words


Hahaha So My Life

Or currently in my case my ankle. Oh wait both of my knees and ankles are bad. I have no good ones left.


Turning Challenges into Opportunities

This week’s lesson with Mini-Me is keeping your chin up when the chips are down. Mini-Me was on the track of having a super soccer season. 486 more words


Feet > Ankles > Calves > Knees > Hips > Back > Repeat

Feet > Ankles > Calves > Knees > Hips > Back > Repeat! This is a classical loop.

Question: What is this referring to?

This algorithm is referring to the  28 more words

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New Men's trend: The Scrot Wing Ankle Flappers.

I have seen enough ankles in the last few weeks to last me a lifetime. Men’s ankles that is, and I can wholeheartedly concur that it is not their finest feature, yet there they are, staring me in the eye with their slightly hairy bone structure and sometimes cankle tendencies. 610 more words