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IB Credit for Music Theory?

Hey everyone,

Do any SMTD students have experience with getting IB credit for music theory classes in SMTD? I got a seven in HL Music which apparently gives me four theory credits (from this website: … 76 more words

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Does Applying to 2 Schools Give You 2 Chances?

I'm planning to transfer into COE with a 4.0 GPA. From what I've heard I'll probably get in with that number, but does anyone know if applying to both COE and LSA will give you two separate evaluations of your applications? 51 more words

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ASL Placement Exam

I emailed Prof Berwanger twice about a placement exam but she hasn’t responded and my freshman orientation is in 3 weeks. Should I email again or would that be pesky? 16 more words

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How long for a letter saying I graduated? Or other methods of graduation proof?

I need some form of proof of graduation, and it's time sensitive. I noticed that I can get the diploma online but the earliest its available is 4-6 weeks after graduation. 76 more words

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Financial Aid

I'm a prospective student (high school class of 2020) who's only real reason not to go to Umich is money. Can anyone tell me what to expect in terms of financial aid? 51 more words

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