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Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever...

ThisĀ marks something of a milestone. I’ve been knitting for about 38 years now, and never, ever, ever have I done what you’re supposed to do before commencing a project and knitted a swatch. 392 more words


The Remains of 2014 - Guston

Here are a couple of jumpers that were finished around Christmastime. The first is Guston by Anne Budd, which was intended to be for The Boy’s birthday, and officially it was, but it didn’t make it off the needles until shortly before Christmas. 270 more words


Project Update

Halloooo!!! (taps on computer screen) Is anyone out there?

I guess a blogger as negligent as I has no right to expect that all of their followers will stick around while they’re off doing other things and ignoring their blog. 316 more words

Knitting And Spinning

Unselfish Knitting

Sometime around the start of fall of each year, I begin taking a mental inventory of what I need to get me through the coming winter. 542 more words


Now That's A Good Yarn

One of the beautiful things about this day & age is that if you don’t have ready access to a brick & mortar local yarn shop, you can still support many of these fantastic small businesses online. 900 more words


Ha! Nailed a quickie.

The sweater-I-shouldn’t-have-been-knitting is Done.

Several firsts here – the first time I’ve knitted top-down and probably also the first time I’ve measured my gauge, ever. I was using the… 360 more words


Rhinebeck Ready

The time is now. The place is Rhinebeck! Onward we go! This is a “re-enactment” of day there.; a detailed recap. Unfortunately, it’s not as picture laden as I would like due to my circumstance, but next year I’ll be on top of it. 1,480 more words