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One of Ann "A.C." Crispin's Deepest Secrets: Drugs, Weapons & Paraphernalia

Why doesn’t that “bright light” shine into the dark corners of the self-proclaimed “scam busters” homes?




Writer Beware

UPDATED: Royce Mathews Continues to Fight Exploitation: Pirates of the Caribbean Debate - Will Ann "A.C." Crispin's Book Be An Issue?

” . . . If A.C. Crispin / Depp or whoever can profit from it – then certainly they have the resources to check to see if the material provided to them was lawfully obtained – and to contact me – as my website with the documented facts is not an illusion. 121 more words

Writer Beware

RIP Ann Crispin; Toni Morrison Responds to Book Ban

RIP Ann Crispin

The blogging world lost a long time member this summer, Ann C. Crispin, who founded Writer Beware with Victoria Strauss.

Ann Crispin, best-selling author, Writer Beware co-founder, fearless fighter in the scam wars, beloved wife and mother, my friend, died this morning after a two-year struggle with cancer. 945 more words

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Trolls Love Company

I haven’t mentioned The Write Agenda in a while. Mostly because “don’t feed the trolls,” though also partly because when somebody ineffably stupid sticks their head down a toilet and flushes, it’s quite satisfying just to watch. 654 more words


Ann Crispin: The Business of Being a Writer

It seems I’m always writing about writers who’ve just passed, but I couldn’t let this one go without a final comment. I’m not a huge science fiction fan, as it tends to be a genre filled with men, philosophy, and spacesuits, but I loved Ann Crispin’s writing. 837 more words