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MOVIE REVIEW | Interstellar (2014)

“You don’t believe we went to the Moon?”

I don’t know why, but last year, I couldn’t get excited, or even manage to give the least of shits, about… 670 more words

Poetry: Carol Ann Duffy

So, she’s the sole female poet on my current list. I only really discovered her because I had to teach her poetry to GCSE students, and that led to various study days where she did readings of some of her poetry. 413 more words


How long can we have "Interstellar" in our heads... ?

I grew up on science fiction. Movies, literature and comics were part of my childhood and sometimes I just stood by the window in the kitchen and watched the stars. 912 more words

Movie Review


Oh dear. There is so much here that I want to love. It’s Christopher Nolan! Matthew McConaughey! Ann Hathaway! Michael Caine!

I got to see the European premiere, thanks to my wonderful friend Jason. 273 more words


Interstellar: The iMAX Experience

“Interstellar” is way too long and it attempts to reach beyond its concepts.

It’s believed that mankind is coming to an end, so a team of scientists and astronauts search for life on other planets in the hopes that mankind may continue to exist beyond the stars. 121 more words


Interstellar Movie Review

Interstellar Movie Review

I would like to start in saying that this movie is the movie I am most excited for for this year. We have all been waiting for Christopher Nolan’s film after the successful Dark Knight Trilogy and the critically acclaimed ‘inception.’ … 533 more words

Interstellar: Strong movie, bad casting

I went to see Interstellar Friday.

Real entertaining. Good story and good scenes, lots of enjoyable parts.

My problem is casting.

I know I have little company in this but I can’t stand Matthew McConaughey. 62 more words