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Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Dorothy Cumming, actress (1899-1983)

Virginia Cherrill, actress (1908-1996)
Helen Forrest, singer (1917-1999)
Ann Miller, dancer, singer & actress (1923-2004)
Jane Withers, actress (1926- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Shakin' the Blues Away

“Shakin’ the Blues Away”
Easter Parade (1948)

Ann Miller


R.I.P., Stan Freberg

The great Stan Freberg died today at age 88. If you don’t know who Stan Freberg is, you would do well to find out. His career spanned the media of radio, record albums, television ads, and cartoon voice-overs, and his comedic influence on the Baby Boomer generation cannot be overstated. 97 more words

Weekend Inspiration: Ann Miller

I can say with the upmost confidence that Ann Miller’s performance in On The Town single-handedly inspired me to start dancing. On The Town was (and still is) one of my favorite musicals/movies and I’ve probably seen it over 100 times at this point, but this number in particular always struck me with awe. 107 more words

Mulholland Drive (2001) - David Fincher

I believe that Mulholland Drive is a two part story that is connected by one vital person. The first, longer part being a dream sequence and the second being played out in reality. 659 more words


Deep Thoughts (Or: Love, Weirdo Style.)

In my brief, almost seven month absence, I have made a few attempts at one might call “leading a normal life.” This isn’t to imply that we classic film fans are inherently abnormal, simply because of what we enjoy, it’s just saying that I may not be totally normal, on a regular basis. 449 more words

Ann Miller