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Autumn Haul! (Yes, already...)

So last Sunday I was idly trying to pick out my clothes for the day when I found myself throwing the mother of all strops. None of my clothes seemed to fit me anymore! 629 more words


I have a question..

Rampant rabbits. I love you.

But, I got my first one when I was 18 years old.. An age that feels so long ago. I loved it, we got on. 72 more words

Matthew eats... Brief Encounters

One of the safest bets in drama is to create a setting from the recent past. This allows the writers to pretend to be social historians, while the viewers get to sit and be nostalgic, remembering events through their own particular lens. 504 more words


Toy Cleaner - useful product or marketing tactic?

If you’ve taken the brave venture into my favourite shop Ann Summers and dared to buy a sex toy there is no doubt that you will have been asked at the checkout if you need any toy cleaner. 397 more words

Love And Relationships

The Dildo Dilemma

My friend has a problem: her favourite vibrator broke. She absolutely loves that hunk of reverberating rubber and it has brought her great comfort for many years. 489 more words


Brief Encounters

I put this programme on just as a bit of background while I caught up with e-mails and did some bits and bobs.

I guess if you’ve lived a very sheltered life you might be offended by the content but most of us have been to an Ann Summers party and aren’t offended by it. 148 more words

Brief Encounters, Episode 1 ~ ITV

It’s about time ITV was shaken up a bit, and what a dream of a television show we have been given to do just that! … 373 more words