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The bra - my story

So, Im going to start this off with a personal story. I mentioned previously that I only came to develop a love for lingerie shortly before I became pregnant with my first child. 360 more words


Do we need Sexier Male Sex Toys? [#6 of 100 Days of Sex]

Do we need sexier Male Sex Toys?

This point had arisen in a conversation I was having with some guys the other week and it got me thinking, do we need sexier male sex toys? 710 more words

The People on the Bus

I’ve not been on a bus for around a year, since moving to university i’ve not really needed too, everything is about 20 minutes away. The weather doesn’t bother me, never have, in fact, I enjoy walking in the rain, the wind, the hail and the snow, because then you see what a city and its habitants are really about, you see who and what copes the best. 1,167 more words


Welcome to the beauty beneath!

Hello and welcome.

This is the beauty beneath blog and my interest here is that love and loathe burden of every womans life, lingerie.

I am a massive fan and have been for some time but as a young woman turning from teenage years to grown-upedness, I am embarrassed to say I used to make my Mum and Sisters buy my lingerie for my birthdays and Christmases. 314 more words


Sexy Lingerie!

** Warning – this post includes images that contain lingerie and partial nudity.

I used to love nipping into Ann Summers on a lunchtime and checking out the sexy little lingerie numbers that they had in stock, treating myself to a new outfit and matching pair of stockings whenever one caught my eye. 234 more words


#AmynsWeeklyPostBlogChallenge: If You Could Have Any Job In The World, What Would It Be?o

I have always hoped someone would ask me this question someday. I have so many things I want to do. But, for the purpose of this post, I’m going to go with my dream job of the moment. 147 more words


London Reflections

We have begun to collect rose petals for confetti for Danni and Andy’s wedding next year. Last night Jackie researched methods of drying them, and began experimenting. 846 more words