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Originally written on 02/03/14

Just a short one tonight as I am exhausted, as we seem to have kicked off car season early and had a nice long meet up in Essex today. 142 more words


Originally written on 11/11/12

Family is generally thought of as the people who are physically related to you, the people that bring you up and shape you into who you are or who you are yet to become- mums, dads, siblings, extended family. 659 more words

Weekly Roundup & My Goal For The Rest Of The Year

This week has been a really mixed week; on the one hand I’ve still been struggling with university (worse than ever actually) but at the same time I’ve also really improved within myself. 1,237 more words


The Turbothrob Triple-X

I wheezed as I failed to blow out the last candle. There were only three of the bloody things too Рone for every 30 years.  1,706 more words

Slipping into Autumn

Hello lovelies! Been a minute.. I’m basically¬†transitioning into autumn (bit late, yes) but its currently about 27 degrees in London so i’ll say I can be excused. 207 more words


News: Britain In A Nut (Case) Shell - Frilly Knickers Upset Prude

It’s a classic tale of English village small mindedness, reported as a comedy story in the press – and why not? It’s a hilarious story, on the face of it. 463 more words


Autumn Haul! (Yes, already...)

So last Sunday I was idly trying to pick out my clothes for the day when I found myself throwing the mother of all strops. None of my clothes seemed to fit me anymore! 629 more words