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Thank goodness we had some rain this weekend.  It has been so, so dry, one wonders how the farmers are coping without the precious stuff, not to mention the gardens that are now brown husks and the impending water shortages for residential areas.   692 more words


Now you can dance with leaves

Fingers were finally put to keyboard, pattern was written, and photography happened… I have finally managed to write the pattern for Dancing with Leaves!

This is to give you an indication of width. 267 more words



I feel like I’m only getting to peek at my knitting these days.  I’m trying not to get frustrated.  Work is only going to be busy for so long, and then I should be able to have quality time back again.   397 more words


Dancing with lace, playing with leaves

We all know about blocking.  Sometimes I don’t agree with it.  I don’t think socks need to be blocked, for instance.  My view is that they block on the feet – why do they need a special blocking when they are just going to be washed and dried and unceremoniously hung on the line after each use anyway? 241 more words


Weekend pottering

The year is drawing rapidly to a close, and I for one, am not sad to see it go.  It has been a very long year.  688 more words


A Year of Bliss!

I cannot believe I have had my Bliss spinning wheel for more than a year. It only seems like yesterday that the box arrived and… 427 more words

Three bags full, Wonders of Wool

It was a most wonderful day yesterday.  The market was packed, the purchases fast and furious, and many, many crinkly paper bags full of wool went walking out the door, carried by very happy owners. 1,436 more words