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Tolstoy Journal, April 27, 2017: "They all seem delighted, as if they were going to a wedding."

This is one of the books on my travel book shelf because it inspires me to remember how good a book about books can be. Miller can drive me crazy sometimes, but he is alive, quick. 1,041 more words

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Tolstoy Journal: April 26, 2017: "so ghastly a mockery"

The above I include because it refers to Tolstoy more than once, especially to his work, which I will read and discuss later this year, … 1,002 more words

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Tolstoy Journal, April 25, 2017: The Real Motorcycle

The above is, I think, my last travel book, so who know what the featured image will be tomorrow? I love the cover of this book and it opens under the dedication with a quote from Leo Tolstoy: “The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people.” It also includes the story James Joyce said was the greatest, “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” I wonder if our president has read it; I very much doubt it. 940 more words

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Tolstoy Journal, April 24, 2017: "Impressions do not make good writers."

Back in the saddle after a mini-vacation. I did not get any travel books on Tolstoy and fell behind on my reading, but have caught up this morning so that I am on page 170 of Volume VIII of the Works or up to Chapter V of Part Fourth of… 989 more words

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update for the curious

I’m sitting on the south-facing terraza of my apartment, coffee at my side, legs propped on the laundry rack. The plaza is morning calm, the 60-ft. 569 more words

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Nem diplomát kapok (sajnos). Azt majd jövőre.

Annál lehet, hogy az elején sokkal nagyobb kihívásnak tűnő dolgot végeztem be.

Kiolvastam az Anna Kareninát.

Most tarthatnék hatásszünetet, megveregethetném a saját vállam, hogy mekkora király vagyok, de távolról sem akkora eredmény ez sajnos/szerencsére, mint egyéb másik könyvek (például D. 1,513 more words

Registration for Fall 2017 Teen Literature Class

Please fill out the form below to register. Complete a separate form for each sibling. I will send you an email to confirm your registration. If you have any questions, Please enter them into the form. 114 more words

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