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I got this.

It turns out that I had incorrectly logged books I’ve read (*cough* or listened to as audiobooks *cough*) this year on Goodreads, and am actually much closer to my goal as previously believed (yay!). 189 more words

Nina Zmievets and Oleg Gabyshev

Nina Zmievets Нина Змиевец and Oleg Gabyshev Олег Габышев, “Anna Karenina” choreography by Boris Eifman, Eifman Ballet, the Carré Theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (November 27, 2011) 28 more words


Baletul Anna Karenina – momentul în care am ştiut

Rândul 2, mijloc. Linişte. Întuneric. Momentul în care Anna (Ada Gonzalez) şi Vronski (Ovidiu Matei Iancu) se întâlnesc întâmplător pe un peron, prevesteşte o poveste plină de pasiune, durere şi gesturi necugetate. 649 more words


The Adventures of Mulla Nasreddin

I’m going to make an admission that I’m terribly ashamed of. Although my mother tongue is Azerbaijani, I’ve read only two books in this language. Growing up in Soviet Azerbaijan, I was lead to believe that my mother tongue and culture was backward, that one’s life opportunities were severely limited if they were not Russian-speakers, that it was a lot better to devour every book in Russian than waste time on books in Azerbaijani. 245 more words

Finally Fall

I’m feeling fairly unable to write this week.  Probably because I’ve been keeping up a 3,000+ words a day schedule in order to catch up with Nanowrimo (it’s going okay!).  564 more words


I finally finished Anna Karenina!

So…I thought this was a good book.  But…I don’t understand why it’s a “classic.”  I can see a variety of ways in which it might be, but I miss having an English teacher to explain things to me.   790 more words

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