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Review: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (Part I)

I’m currently reading Anna Karenina. I’ve been reading Anna Karenina for almost two weeks now, and yet I’m still reading Anna Karenina. Woof. 514 more words


Anna Karenina: Part Seven of Eight

This update includes the spoiler that distracted me for the early portion of the book. If you do not wish to risk a similar experience, I advise you to leave off reading this post until you have read this far in the book for yourself. 629 more words

2015 Classic Reading List

Anna Karenina

“You mention energy… Energy is based on love; and where is one to get love? One can’t order it!”

-Anna Karenina

Learning from Leo

Tolstoy certainly is the man.  In his novel, Anna Karenina, he debates the meaning of happiness and the essence of falling in love.  Is it better to betray the ones we made promises to in order to operate at our maximum potential of happiness? 277 more words
Anna Karenina

A writer's rut

I love to write, but lately everything that has been coming out of my fingers (and mind) is not worthy of reading. So, I say, when in a writer’s rut, share some beautiful music. 135 more words