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There is something so endearing about Amato designer Furne One’s shyness. The larger-than-life designer, who is by all means the hottest ticket at Fashion Forward and one of the designers who has the most celebrity endorsements under his belt, still comes across as the most insecure. 216 more words


Sunday Night Update

I am so sorry with all my heart how absent I’ve been; I wish I had an arsenal of reviews, discussions, and memes already written and ready to be posted. 216 more words

Book Blogging

Russians in Montreal: Anna Karenina by the Eifman Ballet, St-Petersburg Theatre

Of all my expectations for this show I was definitely not expecting to recognize in it choreography from my year-end high school jazz recital. Straight from St. 1,143 more words


Do we need another Tolstoy translation?

Rosamund Bartlett (The Guardian) on her translation of Anna Karenina:

Do we really need another English translation of Anna Karenina? This is a bit like asking whether we need a new recording of Beethoven’s Ninth. 246 more words


Books: Falling in Love with Anna

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, but it really isn’t my fault. You see, I read Anna Karenina for the first time last month, and I have yet to recover from it. 499 more words


Actors We Love: Alicia Vikander

In our first feature, I wrote about young actress Nicola Peltz (Bates Motel) and why she deserves more recognition and roles. In our second installment of ‘Actors We Love,’ I want to bring some attention to a new rising star who hails from Sweden. 448 more words

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