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Two photos for the end of Anna Karenina

I’ve found two photographs to accompany Anna’s final scene.

The first is a model in a museum of a 19th century railway compartment. The second is a view of a steam engine on the trans-Siberian railroad.  25 more words

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina - not the book I was expecting

For a self-proclaimed lover of books, I sure have read so few Western “classics” (a vague term, but I’m referring to ones that appear on lists like the… 598 more words

Through My Senses

What Does It Mean to Have ‘Read’ a Book? |
Read It Forward

In his book Where I’m Reading From, Tim Parks asks an important question of readers: “Do we need to finish ?” The reason this query is so vital is that most people, I’ll argue, don’t actually finish all the books they’ve said they’ve read—and if this is so then we must all understand what we mean when we say we’ve “read” a book. Continue reading…

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (...with Accordion Music)

Because this song reminds me of two different characters I decided to present both. You can choose which one appeals to you more, turning the music into a “choose your own adventure” of sorts. 225 more words


Unhealthy In Their Own Way

You have no idea how many dead rats and possums I tripped over to take this picture. I guess we all have to suffer for our art. 83 more words


The art of being 'easy going' is understood by male kangaroo.

We noticed the familiar sight of kangaroo droppings walking around the bush on our way to the beach. They are shaped almost square. The wombat’s dropping too are square shaped. 403 more words

Gerard Oosterman