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Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle: Falke’s Renegade

I don’t often do reviews, and it’s seldom that I run across two books in a week that I want to write about, obviously, this week is an exception. 292 more words

Anna Leigh Keaton

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The leaves are almost all off the tree, and we’re into the “rainy” season here in the Pacific Northwest. Daylight Savings is a joke, because now I’m ready for bed around 7pm. 350 more words

Anna Leigh Keaton

Reconnecting With What Matters

For seven years, my husband and I worked opposite shifts in life. He worked nights, leaving the house around six in the evening and coming home at seven in the morning. 494 more words

Anna Leigh Keaton

The Right Tools for the Trade

Howdy everyone!

Once again I’m here writing about cooking. It is my favorite pastime right behind reading a really good book.

A few months ago I went in search of the perfect chef’s knife – that I can afford. 570 more words


The Real Alaska

I don’t have much to say today, other than we were gone nearly two months, and it wasn’t until the last weekend in Alaska that we spent time in the woods, in the Real Alaska. 243 more words

Anna Leigh Keaton


As happens every few visits to Alaska, this is a wet one. While the Lower 48 is in drought and heat waves, Alaska is a soggy mess. 822 more words

Anna Leigh Keaton