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This day in 1890: The massacre at Wounded Knee

1890 (29 December): The 7th US Cavalry commanded by Col. James Forsyth massacre 300 unarmed and peaceful Lakhota Sioux Indians, many of them women and children, at Wounded Knee Creek (Chankpe Opi Wakpala), South Dakota – a Lakota encampment on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation – after a fruitless search for weapons in their encampment. 6,615 more words

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Fire with Fire: Capitalist Repression and Leftist Totalitarianism

Several recent conversations and readings have had me thinking about the potency and perniciousness of FBI infiltration of radical political organizations in the USA.  The damage that infiltration does seems to extend far beyond the obvious and direct repression it facilitates; the most harmful aspect, in my eyes, is the culture of paranoia that the knowledge of this infiltration spawns.   409 more words