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Remainer Tory MPs quit Open Britain campaign and other stories

Three Remain-supporting Conservative MPs have quit the Open Britain campaign group after it launched a bid to unseat Eurosceptic Tory MPs.

Open Britain had released a list of targeted seats that included those of high profile Conservative MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa Villiers. 380 more words


Divisions in the parties: Brexit differences inside political parties

From the outside, the Conservative party seem united over Brexit, only one MP Kenneth Clarke voted against giving the Prime Minster the right to trigger Article 50. 319 more words

European Union

The delightful irony of politics

Although I have forsaken any real involvement in national political life, I do enjoy the ironies that come with politics.  The best irony I have seen for years is the relative positions of the Conservative and Labour parties.  212 more words


10 Things: Anna Soubry


Here are 10 things you likely didn’t know about Britain’s latest Marmite Politician:

  • Soubry is the daughter of David Soubry, a Nottinghamshire garage-owner
  • Soubry…
  • 272 more words

Remainers Push For Hard Brexit


One of the false charges levelled at Leave voters is that Brexit is an act of self-harm. That whatever reasons a person might have for voting to escape from the European Union, the amount of damage caused will always outweigh the benefits. 667 more words


Katie Hopkins endorses a death threat towards a Tory MP

Anna Soubry is a Tory MP who supports remaining in the EU and is against the Tory government’s hard Brexit policy. I disagree with all her political opinions but here there’s an agreement. 192 more words


The anti-democrats trying to stop Brexit 

There’s a group called Open Britain, the successor to Britain Stronger in Europe, trying to stop Britain leaving the EU, and here’s three of their main supporters. 203 more words