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The anti-democrats trying to stop Brexit 

There’s a group called Open Britain, the successor to Britain Stronger in Europe, trying to stop Britain leaving the EU, and here’s three of their main supporters. 203 more words


Brexit, Public Protest And The Judiciary

No, criticising legal rulings is not fascism

Right now the internet is bubbling with a lot of nonsense about the role of the British judiciary as relates to Brexit, and though I have my head full of US election news ahead of tomorrow night’s Semi-Partisan live blog, there are a couple of pieces of egregious stupidity which need slapping down. 1,959 more words

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Anna Soubry - Why are you still here?

Blimey, Anna Soubry is on the TV/ Twitter Feed/ FB, or any other media you care to mention, again. For several weeks now I have been trying to work out just exactly what this newly demoted back bench MP deems to be her purpose. 427 more words

"I'm a politician, get me out of here."

I stopped watching BBC Question Time almost two years ago. In fact, I hardly watch anything political on BBC. Not since the blatant bias they showed during the Scottish Independence campaign and subsequent SNP bad stories ever since. 379 more words


Evidence of collusion in plain sight between BBC and Anna Soubry 

If you don’t know by now how last night’s BBC Question time went then I can only suggest you seek out the videos in relation to the attacks on John McDonnell by the entire panel but specifically Anna Soubry, Alistair Campbell and David Dimbleby himself. 578 more words

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Anna Soubry gone

This bit of good news was music to my ears last night when I found out Anna Soubry had left the government. Throughout the referendum campaign she ranted and whined about the consequences of Brexit and a memorable quote can be seen in the picture above. 35 more words

George Osborne