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Fracking Week in Westminster - w/e 4th December 2015th

In this Fracking Week in Westminster, questions, statements and replies about:

  • Fracking in protected areas
  • Shale gas in Egypt
  • Energy security
  • Shale gas wealth fund
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Save Adult Education

The WEA is still campaigning to save adult education prior to the November spending review.

Here are some of the reasons our students attend our courses: 157 more words

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Fracking Week in Westminster – w/e 30th October 2015

In this Fracking Week in Westminster:

  • Call for a shale gas ban in areas supplying water to Hull and East Yorkshire
  • Impact of energy prices on the UK steel industry…
  • 961 more words

Join our campaign - Save adult education



The WEA is leading the campaign to SAVE ADULT EDUCATION for, and on behalf of everyone involved in adult and community learning in the UK. 268 more words

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Should Eurosceptics Just "Get A Life" And Learn To Love The EU?

Conservative cabinet members are now openly insulting eurosceptics, as the Tory rift widens

Who cares about the European Union? What’s all the fuss about? Eurosceptics should stop making fools of themselves, get with the times, and stop embarrassing themselves by articulating their pesky concerns about democracy and national sovereignty. 1,395 more words

UK Politics

Beestonia: Worse Than Isis.

Suddenly, I’ve become a threat to National Security.

I’m not sure how that happened, really. I was just minding my own business, getting on with my various bits of work, paying my taxes, trying to be a useful member of my community, and then go on Twitter and find out the most powerful man in the UK now sees me on par with ISIS. 1,518 more words

Government to remove bans against SME's borrowing against unpaid invoices.

Small Business Minister Anna Soubry is expected to announce that small companies will be given the right to raise funds by borrowing against unpaid invoices from big business customers from early next year. 456 more words

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