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Tories opposition to Brexit is emerging: government defeated on Grieve’s amendment to Brexit Bill

I’ve always thought that if Brexit is going to be dropped it will be because of a cross-party support: Conservative and Labour leaderships are pro-Brexit (both in theory and in practice), the Liberal-Democrats keep on talking about a hypothetical second referendum which is a stupid idea in my opinion because as the Tory remainer Ken Clarke as stated, problems so complex should never been put under referendum. 446 more words


Gotta Love the DUP


When Theresa May imploded during this year’s General Election, there was much doom and gloom. Albeit briefly, many of us were imagining a 1970’s style period of short-lived governments, one of which would be run by the Britain-hating Corbyn and the tragic cult of dross and gullibles who fester around him. 532 more words


Theresa May hopes MPs can 'come together' on Brexit -- "The most important constitutional thing we will do for 50 years"

BBC News

Theresa May says she hopes Parliament can “come together” despite MPs’ differences over Brexit strategy.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, she said the government was “listening carefully” to those who were trying to change its flagship EU bill. 655 more words

British Prime Minister Theresa May prepares for a major parliamentary battle over Brexit


© AFP/File / by Alice RITCHIE | Critics warn the EU Withdrawal Bill represents a power-grab by Theresa May’s government

LONDON (AFP) – British Prime Minister Theresa May begins a major parliamentary battle over Brexit on Tuesday, as tensions rise within her own scandal-hit cabinet. 589 more words

'Pro-EU Tories flirting with rebellion need to put their votes where their mouths are', Times Red Box, 6 September 2017.

How much more of this can we be expected to take? With each and every passing day, we seem to read more and more about the looming threat posed to the government’s supposedly precarious commons majority on Brexit by rebellious pro-European Tory MPs. 604 more words

Diary Day 351: Theresa May as Captain Bligh.

My #Remainer’s Diary Day 351: Theresa May appealed to her MPs for unity. In a statement she said: “Now it is time for parliament to play its part. 568 more words


Bracing for the Repeal Bill

The political silly season has been and gone. Theresa May has spent the summer securing her and her party’s foundations before the Repeal Bill is brought before Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn swearing it will bring another snap election. 389 more words