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A less chaotic state: 1982's Poltergeist

The original Poltergeist is kind of dull. It’s not overtly scary by today’s standards, until the end at least. However, the Steven Spielberg written, produced… 735 more words

Mother's Day 2015

I am very behind on blog posts but since I love to look back at old posts and be reminded of what life was like 1, 2, 5 years ago, I am going to post about these things even though they’re not really ‘timely’ anymore. 306 more words

Daily Life

"Finders Keepers," Losers Weepers

Review on made for TV movie on Netflix “Finders Keepers”

The horror genre of our day and age seems as though it is always predictable. There is either a masked murderer, a haunted house, a possessed object, the creepy child, or just pure gore and useless nudity. 476 more words


.:Movie Review:.

This is not a test.

We, meaning me, have taken over your internets to bring to you an important announcement.

I have just “officially” watched the movie Annabelle. 387 more words

The Voyage 014: Annabelle

Annabelle came running up a moment later, and took a cup of tea gratefully from the girl.  She was all out of breath, which, combined with her oil-smudged face and men’s coveralls, made her altogether far less ladylike than her prim sister.  65 more words

140 Characters

#QOTD: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Goodmorning Social Media world!!


#QOTD: Would you, if requested, put your loved ones ashes into a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll?

Now remember the movie “The Conjuring” and the prequel “Annabelle” which was based off the true story of the haunted Raggedy Ann doll name Annabelle. 7 more words


Rain rain go away

Just kidding! We totally need the rain. The cold could go away though.

We are all registered for softball! I connected with the coach and found out we only missed one practice. 88 more words