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The Emptiness

Hei. aku akan menceritakan sesuatu.

Mungkin, cerita ini akan menghantui dirimu tiap malam.

Cerita ketika malam dimana Annabel …..

The emptiness will haunt you

Aku adalah seorang seniman.

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Sequel to Horror Film 'Lights Out' in the Works at New Line

New Line is in early development on a sequel to horror-thriller “Lights Out,” which grossed $27 million domestically in its first five days on a budget of under $5 million. 191 more words


Hunted: Part VII


Part VII: Sleepless Night

That night, I went to bed at eight, sleeping around four hours until my alarm woke me up a few minutes before midnight. 1,505 more words

Year One

Life After Purpose: Part I

Life After Purpose

Part I: New potential

This whole thing was going to be a drag and I knew it. My parents just wanted to force me into yet another school to further my education. 1,400 more words

Year One

Movie Review: Annabelle

This is an old review I found while cleaning out some files from my laptop, and I thought I’d post it because, well, I did write it after all. 421 more words


Outland: Part IV

The Human Outlands

Part IV: Human School

The others seemed to know where they were going so I followed them into a brick building and to its second floor. 1,314 more words

Year One

The fascinating story of Ed and Lorraine Warren

It’s amazing how every film that is being released has a story to tell. Sometimes the story is fictional, and created by great authors, but, other times, movies are based on real events. 334 more words