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Morning drawings - Morgonteckningar August 16-17 2018

Sweden archipelago – svensk Östersjöskärgård

It’s now almost dark at 4:30 in the morning. I have trouble with details. It’s too dark to see them. When I’m finished around 4:50 the light has come, but then it’s too late for me to correct errors. 14 more words

Annas Art

Stats addiction - statistikberoende?

Are you a stas addict? Har du ett statistikberoende?

The addiction usually starts in the beginning of blogging without any obvious signs.

Beroendet startar vanligen i början av blogglivet utan några tydliga tecken. 363 more words


Morning drawings - Morgonteckningar August 14-15 2018

Very early morning in sunrise time. I only had a thin pen with me, so I couldn’t draw the little islands as dark as they were, but it turned out ok anyway. 237 more words

Annas Art

Sorry for not being around that often

Hey all of you. I’m sorry for not being around your blogs lately. So many must do things in the way right now. When I have done my posting for the day, the time is gone and I missed the opportunity to visit your blogs. 241 more words

What Ever

Morning drawing- Morgonteckning August 13 2018

This morning I got up early, very early, so it was almost pitch dark outside. I stayed indoors and did a drawing looking out of a window. 51 more words

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Apples - äpplen

Seems to be a good apple year.

Ser ut som ett bra äppelår.

Ingrid Marie apples. Ingrid Marie-äpplen.

Mmmmm they taste very good when they’re ready to pick and they last all winter long if they’re stored in the refrigerator. 20 more words


The open letter is spreading - det öppna brevet sprider sig

A friend thought I should ask the newspapers to help sharing the open letter to all leaders.

En klok vän tyckte att jag skulle försöka få tidningarna att dela det öppna brevet till alla ledare. 168 more words