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Tolstoy was wrong

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

With these words, or their Russian equivalents, Leo Tolstoy opened his novel… 530 more words

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Being Boring

I can hear you now, O readers. “What? Being boring? Isn’t that the opposite of your job as a writer? You have to entertain us! That’s what you do!” 342 more words

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King of Peace and Glory

As many of you know, O readers, I love to sing. I sang with my church choir through elementary school and various choirs in high school, then discovered a vast new world of choral singing in college. 626 more words

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Here we go again...

Greetings, O readers! Whether you have been part of the Anne B. Walsh fandom for a long time or are just stumbling across my works now, welcome to the latest iteration of blogging by Anne, the second incarnation of the insanity known as Anne’s Randomness! 315 more words

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